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  1. Ruger SR1911

    Not for sale. As its my tack driver!
  2. Ruger SR1911

    Just a picture. I got a new camera.
  3. Ruger SR1911

    50920720862_335fda7f00_b by jonw4402000, on Flickr
  4. MA clubs that allow moving and shooting

    Is that a new range? It looks like they added it near the skeet range. I belong to the club but haven't been there lately.
  5. Forrest Wood R.I.P.

    Actually most people think of him as the Father of all bass boats. Kind of like John Moses Browning as the father of 1911's
  6. Forrest Wood R.I.P.

    We lost a GREAT man yesterday!! Ranger Boats founder has died at 87
  7. Kimber Mass Compliant

    I got an email from gun Parlor saying they have the new KIMBER STAINLESS TARGET II 1911 for $999.99. Bout time we get get a Kimber.
  8. KrissAnne Hall

    Plus she is easy on the eyes!!
  9. FInal Push Back on ERPO - Please Call Baker's Office Immediately.

    Just got off the phone with his office. They are getting a lot of phone calls. KEEP them coming!!
  10. Channel 22news poll

    58 yes 42 no
  11. WWLP Poll "Do you support the bump stock ban?"

    Done Yes 56.73% No 43.27%
  12. Linsky at it again! Please watch!!

    Guns and gadgets View: https://youtu.be/QY4EoI6sAOY
  13. Why I am done with gun laws

    Good thread!
  14. Keep it or sell it

    "Personally I would keep it and tell your friend that you'll hold onto it so when he gets back on his feet he can buy it back." Thats the "friend thing" to do!
  15. looking for a gunsmith around Sturbridge, Mass area

    I went to a gunsmith in Northbrookfield to do mine. (508)867 3268 His name is Paul
  16. Moving to MA from NH... pile of AKs

    Give G.O.A.L. a call. They should be full if useful information GOAL (508) 393-5333
  17. Lyman 45 acp cartridge gauge

    What is the purpose for the machined slot on the top of a 45acp cartridge gauge? Its like a small step down from the top of the cartridge checker.
  18. Range day with my grandfather

    Couldn't have said it any better!
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