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  1. WTS C93 (HK93 clone) in 556/223

    got this a while ago to scratch that 556 itch now I got another project I wanna fund and an ar that took its place on range days so up it goes. It’s a c93 (century) that shoots flawlessly comes with an a2 style stock. comes with one 40 round aluminum preban surplus mag ASKING 1500 located...
  2. WTB Wtb Remington 700 long action 26” in 300 Win Mag

    Don’t need a whole set up j ust the bare bones rifle or even the barreled action for a quick build. Preferably with a g prefix
  3. Bought an MK13 kit and well…..

    This is the kit I bought I figured I’d slap on a Remington 700 in 300 win and call it a day but completely forgot they went out of business and it’s nearly impossible to find the dam rifle now. So my question is when you buy an action will it come with everything but the barrel ? I found an...
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  5. WTS 500 rounds of 5.7x28mm ammo $650 obo

    located in Revere All laws followed The baggy on the left are fed hollow points
  6. WTT Delete

  7. Semi Shotguns .... worth having more than one?

    Recently bought a benelli m1014 after not being able to find my self an FDE beretta is it worth going for it still or are they all practically the same ?
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  9. WTS Delete

  10. Chinese /36\ 75rnd DRUM

    $350 for the drum Located in Revere MA I can take Venmo and I Can meet in revere or ship them (you pay postage ) All laws followed
  11. WTS glock

    Asking 500 obo all you need a barrel would be open to trades
  12. Trijicon RM01Type 2 3.25 MOA Rmr

    Asking 420 obo Practically new less than 200 rounds on it Can meet at Mass rifle Woburn Nothing wrong with it just bought the coyote rmr I’ve had my eyes on
  13. AK47 Slab side mag $110

    If you collect Ak stuff I guess these are hard to come by now. Asking $110 Located in Revere Would make the perfect finishing touch to any ak
  14. Surefire M600u ($240)and Olight Odin in FDE ($140)

    The surefire was opened and I just played with it around the yard . The olight was mounted on a rifle (Less than 50 rounds )but looks great and shows little to no wear SUREFIRE $240 Olight Odin $140
  15. Tec-9

    It seems that they where everywhere when I didn’t want them, but now I can’t find one. do they come on the market often? At shows? And what’s a decent price for it ?
  16. WTB Mags and gas tube for Romanian PSL

    Pls and thank you
  17. Picked up a PSL

    Now she looks like what I can’t afford 😂
  18. Moving to New Hampshire soon

    Is it still freedom land or has it been spoiled ?
  19. Mak90 barrel needs threading

    Looking to see if there’s any one local to The north shore than can thread the barrel to 14x1lh before I try my hand at it
  20. Looking for a Store that sells gear /plates / vest ?

    Looking to try on gear before buying willing to travel to nh
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