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  1. Rifle transfer has to go FFL to FFL ??

    Folks in NC do weird stuff!! There are some FFL's down here that do not allow incoming from a private individual. Most, damn near all, do. Usually, if you get one of these Fudds, its probably near a city.Its usually 25-30 for a shipment using USPS. I've sent firearms to many an FFL for buyers...
  2. Ammo Supply Returning?

    Received an email from a retailer, Igman124 brass FMJ 450 /1000, prices have come down a bit and I'm seeing more supply. Don't think we'll see 260/1000 for quite some time though!! https://2awarehouse.com/igman-mil-spec-9mm-124gr-fmj-brass-1-000-round-case/

    Nice!!! Its a 40!!!!! Uggh! Baby 10mm!
  4. 9th Circuit Strikes down Magazine Restrictions - Breaking

    Xiden/Commieala still has 18 months before the 2022 legislature is sworn in, plenty of time for a heart attack!!
  5. Do I ‘need’ a 45/70 trapdoor Springfield?

    I bought an 1884 cut down from a guy in Old Lyme CT for 100 bucks. It is in very good shape. Had surface rust on the receiver and barrel and as soon as I took some CLP and fine steel wool to it, the eagle came right out along with Springfield and the dates. Stock has aging marks, no cracks, its...
  6. Moving out of MA - Change of Address (yes, another thread about that...)

    Many instructors are having themselves written for a liability policy for the training portion and a umbrella for potential lawsuits post training in the event a student goes all FBI WACO!!!
  7. Moving out of MA - Change of Address (yes, another thread about that...)

    State insurance liability laws usually are the reason for this. You can say my live fire experience was from when I lived in Chicago!!
  8. Moving out of MA - Change of Address (yes, another thread about that...)

    By the way, SC is an open carry state now, just like NC!! But SC requires a CCW to open carry, NC does not.
  9. Moving out of MA - Change of Address (yes, another thread about that...)

    Welcome to the Carolina's!! I'm in NC just north of Pinehurst in the country. Never going back to the northeast!!
  10. Ammo industry: Won't see prices return to normal until 2023

    Brass cased 124 grain for a thousand was 494 bucks this morning, believe it was from, Prices have come down some from several folks I've dealt with in the past. Belom Tactical 124 GR FMJ 9mm For Sale AT Gun Zone Deals
  11. Louisiana IHOP employees come under hail of gunfire, one killed

    Sucks, seems that some folks wound up flat as pancakes!!
  12. Value of 30 year old Marlin?

    That is what I speak of!!! I have a 1961 in 35 Rem and an 336 ADL in 30-30, my birth year. Smooth as butter!!
  13. Value of 30 year old Marlin?

    550-700, depending on gullibility of buyer. A year ago, 450. If it is in 35 Rem, it will bring a premium. A 30 year old Marlin 336 in 30-30 is still only a 1990ish rifle. Get back to the 40's and 50's for collectors grades!~!
  14. M1 Carbines available

    1700 bucks!!!! Yikes!! Love my Winnie for 600 and IBM for 750!!
  15. Marijuana Dispensary Clerk Shoots, Kills Alleged Armed Robber

    In many states, especially south and west of the northeast, you can walk into an establishment that sells beer and wine with a open carry no problem. However, in states that have ABC type laws, firearms are prohibited, I know concealed means concealed and I do carry in no weap areas concealed...
  16. Biden shows up to give speech touting his 2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill today, no one shows up!!

    Louisiana – Joe Biden traveled to Lake Charles and New Orleans on Thursday to promote his highly unpopular “infrastructure” bill that has nothing to do with infrastructure. No supporters lined up to meet 81 million vote recipient Joe Biden. Crickets...
  17. Situational awareness defined

    If you notice the cops walk towards the perp, he intentionally closed gap and angle. Control your gap with the potential problem. If he didn't, the deflection ability was lost.
  18. What the media isn’t telling you: Nearly half of all U.S. Counties are now Second Amendment Sanctuaries

    Moore Cty. NC, 2A sanctuary!! So happy we moved here from CT. 8 years back!
  19. The Second Amendment does NOT give you the right to bear arms.

    You obviously never received a book of S&H Greenstamps!
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