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  1. BREAKING: FPC Wins “Assault Weapon” Lawsuit in Historic Victory for Second Amendment Rights

    SAN DIEGO, CA (June 4, 2021) — Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced that Judge Roger T. Benitez of the Southern District of California has issued an opinion in Miller v. Bonta (previously Miller v. Becerra), holding that California’s tyrannical ban on so-called “assault weapons” is...
  2. Show your AR builds.

    Anderson lower Spikes Tactical enhanced trigger Spikes Tactical BCG EOTech sights Palmetto Geissele 10.5 upper SB arm brace Daniel Defense grip Raptor charge handle
  3. Formerly GB: Cops handing out blunt knives to domestic violence victims to reduce stabbings at home

    So I guess having your throat slit with these knifes will make you less dead o_O
  4. WI-'I was scared': Concealed carry permit owner shot man in self-defense

    It was all a scam to get his own sticker. If that leg shot leaves him with permanent damage ;)
  5. Ever get shafted by a fellow NESer?

    Did a few transfers on here and never had an issue.
  6. Illegals voting in at least 12 states and D.C.

    Yeah and Commiefornia wants to elect president with popular votes... yeah OK.
  7. Texas Campus carry law upheld

    http://kut.org/post/federal-judge-throws-out-effort-ut-professors-overturn-campus-carry This is how it's done in Texas, what are the odds of this kind of law going nationwide?
  8. 20 July 2017 a shameful anniversary!

    I'm moving to NH on July 15th.... so friken excited! So done with Retardchusetts.
  9. Form letter to send to Chiefs when you move?

    What if you are moving out of state do you still have to send one to the "new town"? In this case NH?
  10. Article: Chelsea Handler Rips Gun Owners: Your ‘Hobby’ is Getting People Killed

    I knew she looked familiar in that picture, just couldn't put my finger on it for a minute.
  11. student-gets-suspended-after-liking-picture-of-a-gun-on-instagram

    Ofcourse he got suspended batshitcrazy world we live it today expect anything different?!
  12. Domino's driver kills attempted robber

    How dare he not be a victim.. throw the book at him!
  13. "All lawful purposes", automatic denial of ltc renewal

    You should write "Because 2nd Amendment"
  14. Stun Gun Challenge (Martel v. Healey)

    Didn't someone win a case against the state of Mass about a year ago? How many times do you have to fight the same fight?
  15. is zero hour arms still in business?

    I couldn't get there in my 350z [rofl] OMG it was a nightmare in the spring!
  16. Gun review.......FAIL

    Sooo who is in the room to his left?
  17. Maura spanks another dealer for selling Glocks

    Ah those unsafe glocks killing cops everywhere.... oh wait..on a side note politicians out of control news at 11 [puke]
  18. EZM Banned in Boston

    This is the sad new world we live in, the criminals and terrorists are winning people!
  19. NBC news article RE: Goal vs Mass

    I just saw similar post on yahoo guess it's national news now! [smile]
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