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  1. Online Poll: Is social media discriminating against conservatives?

    Online poll: Do you think that President Trump is correct that social media platforms are "discriminating" against conservatives? Vote at www.berkshireeagle.com 59% yes, 41% no as of 2 PM.
  2. Advice from Col. Jeff Cooper

  3. Poll: Reopen the Pittsfield PD Range?

    There’s a poll in the Berkshire Eagle about weather or not to reopen the Pittsfield PD range. Ranges in both Pittsfield and North Adams are under attack by neighbors. These ranges have been in use for years, and were regularly used by local civilians. Don’t let the liberals start closing down...
  4. Justice Kennedy - Trump Replacement Online Poll - VOTE!

    The very liberal Berkshire Eagle newspaper has an online poll which asks if you are happy that President Trump will get another Supreme Court pick. Please navigate to www.berkshireeagle.com by either clicking the link or pasting it into your browser and make your feelings known. Please pass it...
  5. California Bans Itself

  6. Poll: Should Elizabeth Warren take a DNA test?

    Should Senator Elizabeth Warren take a DNA test to prove whether or not her claims of Native American heritage are true? www.berkshireeagle.com By the way, after all of you voted in the Berkshire Eagle Poll about banning assault rifles, there was a letter to the editor saying that the Russians...
  7. Banned in Massachusetts

  8. Sold Out: Multi-License Firearm Course April 21st in Lee, MA

    This course is full. Expanded from 25 seats to 40. Will schedule another soon.
  9. Poll: Do you own a gun?

    Take the poll here: www.berkshireeagle.com
  10. Online Poll: Do you support arming teachers?

    Vote in this poll that asks if you support arming teachers. Available here: www.berkshireeagle.com This poll will likely end on Saturday. Please pass it to your friends.
  11. Assault Weapons Poll Feb 15th

    The Berkshire Eagle has an assault weapons ban poll at www.berkshireeagle.com Stuff the ballot box. Update: The poll has ended. Thanks to everyone who voted. The politicians in this state will never be satisfied until none of us have guns. I’m at my limit, so I have just put my house on the...
  12. HighRidge Arms in Windsor Locks, CT

    I was in HighRidge Arms recently. Best gun prices I've seen in CT! 482 Spring Street in Windsor Locks, CT. Same strip mall as the Gathering Ground restaurant. 860-758-7045.
  13. Great tool for Home Firearm Safety courses

    Instructors who would like a great teaching aid for their NRA Home Firearm Safety course should download a free copy of HE Tools. It has some great interactive animations. Hunter Ed Instructors use it for Basic Hunter Ed. When I got it the cost was $ 100.00, but now it's free.
  14. Columbia County, NY-Massachusetts-Utah Course June 3rd in New Lebanon, NY

    I'm doing a course in New Lebanon, NY on Saturday, June 3rd with Peter Quinn who is on the Columbia County, NY Instructor roster. The course meets requirements for applying for permits/licenses in Columbia County (residents only), Massachusetts and Utah. You can take up to 2 segments for $...
  15. Basic Metallic Reloading Course - June 24th in Lee, MA

    Jim Finnerty of GOAL will be instructing this course for beginners on Saturday, 8:30am-5pm, at the Lee Sportsmen's Association in Lee, MA. Bring your brown bag lunch. Cost $130.00 Topics include intro to reloading & safety, CF cartridge components, using reloading manuals & data, equipment...
  16. HighRidge Arms, Windsor Locks, CT

    HighRidge Arms is located at 482 Spring Street in Windsor Locks, CT. It's next door to the Gathering Ground restaurant. Gun prices are very competitive.
  17. Hoppe's Boresnakes New vs. Old - Differences?

    I have several Hoppe's Boresnakes that I have purchased from various sources over the years. I just bought new .22 and .38 pistol Boresnakes, and noticed that the tail aft of the embedded brushes is flat and doesn't wipe as well. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm conversing with Hoppe's...
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