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  1. Who would buy a TOMMY GUN??

    Yes that is awesome. If I had that I would be re-enacting the scene from home alone.
  2. Video - Family mugged in broad daylight by knife wielding POS

    Land whale should have gotten a new blow hole after that
  3. What is Your Favorite ACOG

    I had a ta-31f that was good to go but I sold it off before moving to MA :(
  4. Man pulls concealed carry weapon in gun-free mall to defend family and bystanders during shooting

    I thought "weapons free" is what they say in the military when its time to start shooting. Maybe it was that kind of weapons-free mall.
  5. Anyone dealing with a Woke employer?

    Yes but I work in tech so I think I'm gonna choose a different hill to die on. A company I worked for about a decade ago literally invited Chuck Schumer to give a talk and he started blathering on about the assault weapon ban. I can deal with periodically being reminded I'm working for people...
  6. My Donald Trump 1911 . Limited edition

    I was just kidding. as "every day no days off" would say "the prosecution will love it."
  7. My Donald Trump 1911 . Limited edition

    That would be my EDC piece.
  8. You just can't make this stuff up. Whatadmbfck!

    Guys I need to borrow $5k for something. I'll pay you back.
  9. Can I shoot Trap with this?

    Ideally you want at least an AA-12 to do skeet shooting
  10. Massachusetts Liberal Climate Bill PASSES !

    Im looking forward to converting my house to electric heating, snow and cold weather never interfere with the power lines, its a foolproof plan.
  11. Talk me out of a Desert Eagle 44 magnum....

    If you're gonna get a deag just get the 50 AE one so you can re-enact snatch while you shoot. I guess with the 44 one you could re-enact like an updated version of dirty harry, or some kind of hybrid. Your gun says replica on the side whereas my gun says desert eagle point 44 the most powerful...
  12. I am here to learn

    damn I was hoping you were here to get all sloppy drunk then start a vaguely self incriminating thread, those are always hilarious
  13. Your cheapest AR build

    I think my cheapest one is an A2 service rifle upper from WOA on a mega lower - built probably 6 years ago and I still haven't gone to a competition.
  14. Looking for a new 45 range toy

    For an honest to god range toy in 45 I would try to get some kind of a PCC, ideally the civvy UMP but I think those are impossible to get so its down to either build an ar15 on a lower that takes grease gun mags or get the funny looking thing that comes with a giant fake can, forgot what its...
  15. In the doghouse/ Christmas ruined/ AR build

    Blast from the past -- I love this thread title, I remember laughing about it years ago.
  16. M1 Garand Megathread

    I love the m1, I got a "special" from the CMP a few years ago. Mountain had a good recipe for 168 grain SMKs. I haven't shot or reloaded in forever due to family goings on - hopefully soon.
  17. PSA: It's "Luger", not "Lugar"

    depends on whether you're talking about 9mm luger or the p08 german lugar [pot]
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