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  1. Girl, 13, killed at picnic table in North Carolina drive-by shooting; 4 suspects arrested - They really wanted her dead

    So for a this time, the White Power three finger, thumb circle salute, really meant b.k. (blood killa) ... who knew.
  2. 22 Rimfire Bench Shoots, Sundays starting May 2, Haverhill Hound Rod & Gun Club

    Looked at website and didn't see particulars. Course of fire, range, distance, cost, time, classes?
  3. On Video: Bobcat Attacks Wife. Husband Reacts

    Nah, then he would lose all respect from the firearm community:
  4. ATF Playlist

    Hypothetically speaking (as required by a humorous thread), I'll be in Church... View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omUiMwTvDbE View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1ud9sExKsY
  5. Budget IWB/pocket fixed blade.

  6. On Video: Bobcat Attacks Wife. Husband Reacts

    Or this one... View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEa6jZv-Khc
  7. Signs and Symptoms of Non-Serious Buyers

    P Oops, sorry, damn phone sucks. Nothing to see here.
  8. Fine. A Spyderco Knife Thread...

    I am a big fan of Kydex neck sheaths for my Spyderco knives. There are a few vendors on Ebay but the Knives that they make sheaths for are limited. I found: LinosSheathworks recently and ordered sheaths for my Endura, Matriach II, and a replacement for my worn out Yojimbo 2 sheath (purchased...
  9. Ever pause a moment when you see a guns 'estate sale' at a shop?

    When I was heavily into buying o gauge trains on Ebay, I would occasionally find one that belonged to the seller's father. I was temped to ask them to send a picture of their father so that I could put it up in a spot above my layout so that they could watch the trains. I didn't actually do it...
  10. What gun brands do you own the most of?

    Remington. Seven: .221 fireball XP-100, 28 gauge 870 Express, 12 gauge 1100, .22 541S, .22 40X, .223 700 VLS, .308 700 Varmint. All but the 870 were made back in the day when Remington produced quality firearms.
  11. Ammo Shortage To Continue Until Summer 2021

    Fiocchi headquarters is in Italy. Most of their ammo is manufactured in Italy. Maybe it isn't making ammo for our military but for the Italian military...
  12. Goodbye my friend

    Sorry for your loss. RIP baby dog.
  13. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    https://www.gunbroker.com/item/889918832 Cheaper if you buy a larger quantity... not.
  14. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    @apander has got one and he doesn't know what it's worth. Quick, offer him a couple bucks before someone low balls him.
  15. Guns on the Appalachian Trail + Preppers v. Backpackers

    No worries, the trail is closed due to Covid...
  16. Has anybody seen Varget in the world?

    Check Shooting Supply in Westport... I guess that isn't very helpful if you are in PA...
  17. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    They are not cheap these days (scroll down, completed Ebay listings)...
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