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  1. WTS Trijicon night sight Glock 43/42.

    Trijicon HDXR Yellow front night sight. Fits Glock 43/42. Like new , had it on my G 43 for 6 months and switched it for an orange front sight. $60. Shipped.
  2. WTS Bitzenburger fletch jig.

    Bitzenburger arrow fletching jig , Straight fletch , works perfectly. Sold my archery gear. $60 shipped.
  3. What type of Broadheads are you using?

    I have had good luck with the NAP 100 grain Thunder heads and for mechanicals I have Rage 2 blade 100 grain. Any one try those Toxic Broadheads? They boast a blood grove cutting pattern.
  4. WTS Mathews outback bow

    Sold . Please delete.
  5. What optics do you go with for your M4 AR15 16" barrel?

    Flat top receiver, standard front sight. You want to spend around $500. Or less. Do you go with or without magnification?
  6. Anybody know about Crossbows?

    I recently messed up my shoulder and can no longer hunt with the bow. My doctor is filling out a crossbow application for me. I know nothing about crossbows. For the past 7 years I have hunted archery with a Mathews Outback and loved it , taken a few nice deer with it. Does anyone have any...
  7. Buying a S&W 340 PD.

    I am buying a 340 PD. Does anyone have any input good or bad about this revolver?
  8. Glock Generation?

    How do you tell what Generation Glock you have? Is it in the serial #?
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