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  1. Ruger SR1911

    50920720862_335fda7f00_b by jonw4402000, on Flickr
  2. Forrest Wood R.I.P.

    We lost a GREAT man yesterday!! Ranger Boats founder has died at 87
  3. Kimber Mass Compliant

    I got an email from gun Parlor saying they have the new KIMBER STAINLESS TARGET II 1911 for $999.99. Bout time we get get a Kimber.
  4. Linsky at it again! Please watch!!

    Guns and gadgets View: https://youtu.be/QY4EoI6sAOY
  5. Lyman 45 acp cartridge gauge

    What is the purpose for the machined slot on the top of a 45acp cartridge gauge? Its like a small step down from the top of the cartridge checker.
  6. .45ACP HP vs ball OAL

    I am reloading 45 acp using 5.1 gr. bullseye powder. I ran out of 230 gr. ball bullets and have 230gr hollow point bullets. The length difference of the bullets themselves are 230 ball = .660" 230gr hollow point .670". I was loading 230 gr hard ball at 1.275" OAL. Should I just make the 230 gr...
  7. Youtube channel guy who died

    Who was that guy who owned a pawn shop/gun shop who's name I think was Rich or Richard who died. He was a big guy with a full beard (who he had a name for).
  8. 93 Year old Normandy Paratrooper is making jump

  9. Jeff Cooper vs. Terrorism

    I found this great article on frfrogspad.com The article was written in 1975 by the late Jeff Cooper.It really sounds like he could see into the future as what he wrote speaks about what is happening today! Enjoy. Cooper VS. Terrorism by Jeff Cooper So here we are in the "Age of Extortion."...
  10. Chris Kyle's Widow at NRA annual meeting

    I found it very humbling and very proud to be an American that Chris fought to protect. God bless and thank you Chris and Taya.[iwojima] http://youtu.be/4RDFgyoqZEI
  11. Gun shops open on Sundays

    Is there any LGS open on Sundays in mass?
  12. 1911 repair

    Looking for a top notch 1911 gunsmith to replace a thumb safety and re-parkerized a RI 1911. Central or western Ma.
  13. WHAT IS WRONG with people (Rant)

    As Memorial day approaches, towns have been putting American flags on street lights to celebrate. I was heading to work last night and noticed a flag laying in the road. It had fallen off the pole. I had to wait for 4 cars to pass before I could cross the road (25 mph zone). I picked it up and...
  14. Gun auction Douglas Auction So. Deerfield

    Did anybody go to the action yesterday? I was wondering how it went? Crazy prices? Big crowd?
  15. North Korea missle determent

    Use this!!
  16. 86 Year old Sniper hits 1000 yard target

    I dont know if this is a dupe, but here is a great story. http://www.wimp.com/veteransniper/ God Bless him!
  17. WHY WE NEED AR15

    I am watching C-Span on the gun control issue. I think the people trying to write these bills need to go out and shoot these weapons to see why we need the AR15 for self defense. They say a 12 gauge shotgun is a perfect choice for home defense. Why do you need an AR15. I will tell you why...
  18. What is wrong with gun owners

    I talked to 3 gun owners today at work about "whats going on with gun laws" One went to the Marlborough gun show, one went ice fishing and one doesn't care. [sad2] I said check out NES for news about upcoming events. He said "I did but it only showed the last rally (1/19) I said you have to dig...
  19. Just Joined Oath Keepers and GOA

    I just joined these two organizations. I also donated $15 extra to GOA AND GOAL when I joined and Renewed respectfully. Anybody else join any gun org lately?
  20. Locating fellow members at State House

    I know we can NOT have NES or anything like that on our signs. But how about something else so fellow members can identify each other. Like a red line at the top of the sign, or a colored in circle somewhere on the sign. Just an idea.
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