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  1. .22 competition???

    Has anyone competed in this kind of competition. I live in north Georgia and don't think anyone down here does. It looks like a lot of fun. I think in the video you can find a guy that makes and sells this type of target and I think he charges about $275 shipped?? View...
  2. How do you squeeze the trigger?

    Thanks whatluck. I always try to give good info to help the new guys coming up.
  3. How do you squeeze the trigger?

    Sorry guys I am 74 and was thinking of off hand shooting at 200 yards. My memory has been fading and I was trying to be helpful. I never did get my score above 475 with 14Xs if I remember correctly.
  4. How do you squeeze the trigger?

    Another thing we were taught was the way we aim and when to touch off the shot. Since it is very difficult to hold the front pin in the center of your peep and on the bottom of the black bullseye without moving all over the place. We were taught to follow an imaginary sideways number 8. The way...
  5. How do you squeeze the trigger?

    PatMcD, The end of the third finger bone should be parallel to your barrel which will align that bone to your wrist and also to your elbow. You squeeze the trigger in between the first and second joint. then your finger moves straight back instead of pulling to the right. You should be able to...
  6. How do you squeeze the trigger?

    45 collector, Try it to see if your group size get smaller.
  7. How do you squeeze the trigger?

    OK here is some food for thought. Back in the day I got into HIGH POWER COMPETITION. I went to FT. Benning in 2000 for their 3 day shooting school with the army marksman team as instructors. I had been target shooting since 1971 and always thought I was a good shot. Well I had a lot to learn and...
  8. 400 yd. record 5 shot group.

    Info is in this Thread. Both 600 yd. record & the 400 yd. record. http://forum.gon.com/showthread.php?t=814745 I have shot there in competition at 1,000 yds. with my 6mm Norma BR. At 400 yds. mine shoots less than 2 inches and is a built Savage duel port target action with a 26" Brux barrel...
  9. 400 yd. record 5 shot group.

    I have it on my desktop. My son will help me when he gets a chance. I am very computer ignorant. This and one other Forum are very different than all the other Forums to add photos. The other ones all you have to do is click on add then upload and it is completed. SIMPLE.
  10. 400 yd. record 5 shot group.

    Group size was: .327" dead center in the target. The guys in the Elbert County Gun Club in north east Georgia has some great shooters with great shooting rifles. Will post picture of target when I can figure out how to do it. Read this Thread. The .327 " target and who shot it is at...
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