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  1. Tavor 7

    I've seen some mixed reviews on the Tavor 7. I'm considering purchasing one and was wondering if anyone has any feedback on it. A bull pup 308 seems like a great option with all of the restrictions on what we can buy here in MA. If you're not a fan what suggestions do you have? I'm not tied to a...
  2. Marlborough gun show with Nazi swastikas and other items.

    I went to the show today and it was a good time! I've always enjoyed seeing so many toys under one roof. Even picked up a HK 45C. I did notice a lot of Nazi items for sale. I'm not talking about collectibles but helmets with sprayed on swastikas and other disturbing items. I never noticed this...
  3. Kriss 45 and 9

    I'm considering purchasing a Kriss Gen 2. I see it's available in 45 and 9. I'm wondering how people feel about these firearms? I'd love some feedback before I spend all the money on one. Thank you!
  4. Feelings on H&K 45C

    I'm considering picking one up. It will be my first H&K. Any feedback from current owners would be great.
  5. My Glock 22 blew up in my hand today

    At the range today using factory ammo my Glock 22 blew up in my hand. The back of the brass ejected but the rest of it stayed jammed in the barrel. The bullet fired but there was an explosion ejecting the magazine and damaging the slide. It looks like it ruined the gun. Any thoughts on was...
  6. Sig 938

    I've been searching to find the 938 in stock. Can anyone tell me if they've seen these in anywhere? I'm in the Quincy area but I'm ok driving.
  7. any one know where I can pick up a shield in 40?

    I know the shield in 9mm is hard to find but the 40 seems to be a little more accessible. Has any one seen one?
  8. My barber showed me his carry gun in the middle of my hair cut!!!!

    There are more of us out there than we think! I got to talking with my barber and the topic of guns came up. Lately I avoid this conversation like the plague as I live in Ma. When he ever pulled his carry gun and started talking about loving the range I couldn't have smiled more. People love...
  9. Auto Zone robbery stopped. Hero fired!!!!!

  10. Smith or ruger 357

    It's a wonderful problem to have but I've got to make the choice between the 686 and the gp 100. I've read great things about both but would love to hear your feedback!
  11. sig 522 charging handle fell apart

    I was at the range tonight and my sig 522 shot out while I was cleaning it. I'm new to this rifle and I can't get it back together. Any help is much appreciated.
  12. How far would you go to protect your dog?

    I've got two dogs and they're as close me as any other family member. If someone was trying to hurt them I believe I would do what ever necessary to protect them. What do you think your reaction would be if an intruder was trying to hurt or kill your dog?
  13. Remington vs Ruger 1911

    I'm shopping for my first 1911 and have narrowed it down to these two. I know everyone loves the new Ruger and they're hard to get but it seems like the Remington is in plentiful supply and priced around a hundred bucks less. Any ideas on why? Is the Remington a good 1911?
  14. Ruger and Smith & Wesson 1911 differences

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew the differences between these two wonderful weapons? I've heard wonderful things about both and it will be my first 1911 so I wanted to make an educated decision. Thank you!
  15. Marlborough gun show at the end of the month

    Anyone been to this show before? I've never been to one and was wondering if it was worth the trip? Any deals on firearms or ammo? Can you negotiate with the vendors? Thanks!
  16. Tacticool Rifles. Worth the extra money?

    Hey guys, What are your thoughts on the new "tacticool" .22 rifles being released? It seems more and more manufactures are releasing them and it's a very fast growing segment.
  17. Which H&K handguns are now Ma Compliant?

    I know they've just made a few compliant. Does anyone know if any of their 45 ACP models will be available?
  18. Optics options for Sig 522

    I just purchased the Sig 522 and I love it! The gun is a blast to shoot and did come with iron sites. I was considering an optics option and was wondering if anyone knew of any good options around 150.00. I shoot at close range mostly and i'm using this as my training gun. Thank you in...
  19. I'm looking for a good handgun cal carbine

    I'm looking for a ma compliant 9mm carbine. I've only really seen the cx4 storm. Can anyone recommend a good one? I would consider building one as well. Thanks!
  20. when's the next gun show?

    I've got a list of guns I want to buy and I've never been to a gun show in Ma. When's the next show and does anyone know if there are really better prices there?
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