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  1. butterfly knife rec

    I have an unnatural desire to flip one of these things around. Who makes a good one? Is the new kershaw one GTG?
  2. need a scale rec

    While setting up my new reloading area after moving house I totally destroyed the RCBS scale that came with my first kit. What scale should I get to replace it? I probably will stick with a balance beam style one, I like to have pretty fine measurements for reloading precision rifle rounds.
  3. ballistics tables

    Wheres the best place to have these so that they are available at the range? Right now I have a notebook with data in but it's an extra thing to carry around. I've seen some people stick a label with the data on the stock of their rifle but I don't really want to do this on my m1. The kind of...
  4. M! garand rear sight aperture

    Hey guys, whats the best way to get a smaller aperture on the rear sight for the m1. On my service rifle I have the kind where these different size hoods will screw in to the aperture so you can make it really tiny. I want to do the same thing on the m1 since the tiny aperture gives me more...
  5. pet garand loads

    Any suggestions on what to start reloading for an m1 garand. What I have on hand are: Powder: H335, Varget, H4895, Tac, RE-15, 8208 XBR Primers: CCI 200 Bullets: Hornady 150 FMJBT, Sierra 168 SMK I was planning to start with the 150 FMJ and H4895 just to see what happens.
  6. bullets disintegrating mid flight?

    At the range today to test some new loads, afterwards I figured I would use up some old reloads I made a few months ago for a ladder test of 55 grain V-max and tac. In march or so when I made them they had had non-amazing accuracy so I put the rest away. First couple of shots today weren't...
  7. burr from staked primers

    On the m855 style 5.56 where the primers crimped with 4 kind of little "stakes" around the pocket, sometimes when I swage these I get pretty big burrs raised off the base of the cartridge. This screws up AOL measurements and could presumably cause headspace issues although I haven't knowingly...
  8. RRA 2 stage trigger

    Im thinking about taking a punt on one of these for a new build since its 80 bucks. Are these things any good? Right now I have a SSA-E in my carbine and the NM service rifle one in my A2 build and those things are great.. Should I just get another geiselle or are these things decent? It...
  9. FC 223 brass

    When I'm checking the length on my 5.56 brass these pieces are always 1.740" to 1.746" or so, and I discard them because I'm looking for 1.750 +- 0.003. Are these cases shrinking while I resize them, or are these cases short from the factory? My other cases all come out fine (LC, WCC hornady...
  10. kriss vector or alternatives?

    Im contemplating getting a kriss vector crb enhanced version in MA compliant mode (i.e., with a non-folding stock). Basically I think it would be a fun range toy and nice for steel challenge competitions, and I already reload 45acp. Pros: - 45 acp - can be SBRed - can use glock mags where...
  11. Source for targets

    Is there somewhere in or near to MA where I can get some SR-21s (or just the centers) and SR-1s? Midway has them online but wants 15 bucks shipping.
  12. Bright line near base on 5.56 after resizing

    Is the ring near the base a sign of imminent head separation? This is once fired (by me) 5.56, lake city 12-14. I have shot other cases which had a "blurrier" version of this going on, but this kind of "hard" looking line makes me more concerned. This is after full length resizing. The...
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