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  1. MA Towns Suspending Licensing?

    Was sent the below, curious if others have seen this and if it applies to LTCs.
  2. How Dare You Defend Yourself: Another Great Story From The UK

    Man, 78, held in 'burglar' murder probe I don't even know what to say
  3. Kenya Gun Burn

    This is painful. Looks like some nice pieces http://www.bbc.com/news/in-pictures-38012570
  4. LTC Renewal Grace Period Removes Restrictions?

    Was replying to a renewal question and reading the MGL: Does that read as during the renewal grace period, a LTC with restrictions would be valid for all lawful purposes?
  5. SD.2637: Legislation To Remove AG Authority On Firearms Sales

    SD.2637: Legislation To Remove AG Authority On Firearms Sales ............ Apparently filed today http://www.masslive.com/politics/index.ssf/2016/07/senator_don_humason_files_bill.html
  6. Medford and Cambridge - Restrict Current LTC?

    So, I may be stuck moving to a shit town. I'd plan on moving to a better town prior to renewing, but my concern would be one of these towns restricting a current unrestricted license. Is there any history of this? I'm guessing both would renew an unrestricted license as restricted seeing the...
  7. Leominster Sportsmen's Association - Open Sunday AM To Public?

    Does anyone know if LSA is still open to the public on Sunday AM? I found some older threads here, but nothing too recent. I have a new rifle I'd like to try out and as I get more serious with shooting, want to see a few clubs before I decide on one to join. I I grew up never needing one so...
  8. CT Law Update - BAC to .08 when carrying

    Can't find the actual law/penalties, but appears the BAC for anyone carrying a loaded firearm or hunting will now be .08, the same as driving. Previously it was .10...
  9. Boston Area - Where Not To Move?

    I need to move this fall and looking to stay around Boston. I currently have an unrestricted LTC and want to move to a town where if I'm there long enough to renew, I don't want extra hoops or the possibility of a restriction. I'm avoiding Boston proper, Watertown, Woburn, Cambridge. Anywhere...
  10. Stupid AR Build Questions

    Apologizes in advance, but just two quick ones about a planned AR build. The dumbest one: When choosing a barrel are there any other MA restrictions outside of the threads, flash hider, and bayo lug? No issue running any profile or length barrel provided the 16" NFA limit is met...
  11. M&P Shield Rear Sight

    Threw the Apex kit in my Shield yesterday after reading the horror stories about the rear sight. Maybe mine was easier than others (minimal thread locker on the screw, none in the dovetail, and needed no heat to loosen the thread locker) but hopefully helps someone. I put the slide in a good...
  12. M&P Shield Magazine

    So, picked up a new 9mm M&P Shield today. Was loading the magazines to break them in a bit and for the life of me, couldn't get more than 6 rounds into the 8 round mag. I questioned how stupid I was and wondering if this was the last straw to make me hit the gym. Unloaded and loaded a few times...
  13. Meet The Press - Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

    Not sure if anyone caught the interview this morning on Meet The Press, but they interviewed Lt. Gov. Patrick of Texas on the new Open Carry legislation. He absolutely ripped apart Chuck Todd and was rather amusing. I'll try to find the clip.
  14. LTC App - Legal Review of Letter

    Hi All, Looking to apply for an LTC in Somerville which requires a letter to the licensing authority discussing reasons for requesting the license. I have a letter drafted which I had a friend and LTC-A holder review, but also wanted to gauge thoughts on having a quick legal review. I'm not...
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