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  1. WTS Savage 220 stainless/camo 20 gauge rifle slug gun

    Location: Royalston, MA Description: Up for sale is a like new Savage 220 bolt action rifled slug barrel shotgun in 20 gauge. It is stainless steel with a synthetic camo stock. In my opinion, the stock on this version is much better looking and more traditional than the current models of this...
  2. SOLD Ariens 926LE Snowblower - **SOLD**

    **SOLD** For sale is an Ariens 926LE snowblower. Runs good under load but has rough idle/surges at lower rpms. Had it tuned up last year and it ran perfect but it ran out of gas a couple storms ago and started with the surging/rough idle shortly after refilling. Probably just needs carb/jets...
  3. WTS LHR Redemption Muzzleloader, aka T/C Strike

    Location: Royalston, MA Description: Up for sale is a Redemption .50 caliber muzzleloader by LHR Sporting Arms, Rochester, NH. It has a black, matte finish with camo stock. The is the same gun as the Thompson Center Strike. It has been fired less than 50 times, only with Blackhorn 209, and...
  4. Ares SCR, Legal? Anyone have one?

    Anyone have one of these and, if so, do you like it? I assume its legal? http://www.aresdefense.com/?page_id=729
  5. Looks Like Healey Tweeting from Convention Tonight - Let's Tweet Her Back!!!

    For those with Twitter accounts, lets light it up! https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=%40MassAGO&src=typd @MassAGO and @maura_healey No sense in her getting to post all those pics without some response, right?
  6. Baker Raises Alarm About Healey's New Gun Ban

    My apologies if this is a dup: http://www.bostonherald.com/news/local_politics/2016/07/gov_baker_raises_alarm_about_new_healey_gun_ban
  7. So What Liability Does the AG's Office and State Have in All This?

    Just thinking out loud here - if the AG's new interpretation of what defines an assault weapon stands then the conclusion would be that the State was not correctly enforcing the laws and allowed us to purchase weapons, etc. that are illegal, right? So what liability does the AG's office and...
  8. Anyone create Outlook contact groups of all MA Senators/Reps. email addresses?

    Hello all, I have been writing emails to my Senator and Representative each day but it came to mind that it might be helpful to also cc all other Senators and Representatives on these communications. However, that would require entering/copying all the email addresses into the Outlook...
  9. MA Compliant Ruger SR-556

    FYI, Ruger has come out with a SR-556 that is MA compliant: http://www.ruger.com/products/sr556/specSheets/5904.html
  10. Problems editing title in Classifieds

    Is anyone else having trouble editing the title of your classified ads? I make and save the changes and they show up when you click on the thread but not in the listing in the classified section - here is an example: http://northeastshooters.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=35299 Thanks.
  11. Shipping Ammo from MA to Another State

    Does anyone know or have any experience shipping ammunition from MA to a person in another state? A friend in NC wants to buy some ammo from me that I no longer have a use for but I am not sure if it would be legal for me to ship it to him and/or how I would go about doing it? Any help or...
  12. Private Ammo Co. in NH?

    There is a company in NH (Hillsboro?) that I saw at a recent gun show (West Lebanon) that sells ammunition that it loads/reloads. Can anyone help me with the contact information/location? Thanks in advance!
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