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  1. Special Announcement! All Transfer Proceeds this month to Comm 2a!

    Great. I'm ready to buy. PM me.
  2. First handgun - New S&W SW22 Victory

    FS salespeople on Saturday said that their S&W rep told them S&W has no intention to have the SW22 undergo testing to get it MA compliant.

    1. What else was in there that was stolen and not reported stolen to the media? Assuming this is a true story 2. Where will they stage a "foiled" terrorist attack to get a big pat on the back? Assuming this is a fabricated story 3. Who's going to jail and having all their guns taken away for...
  4. Walsh having police confiscate replica guns

    http://www.wcvb.com/news/mayor-walsh-set-to-sign-legislation-banning-replica-firearms/36330368?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=FBPAGE&utm_campaign=WCVB%20Channel%205%20Boston The second to last sentence is hilarious. "Replica firearms in public spaces will be confiscated by police and the owner...
  5. Suspected active shooter investigation involving news crew

    Situational awareness would have been a little helpful here. Also, how many times did this guy exhibit crazy enough behavior to be caught by the men in white coats if we had them? Dozens of times over years. If somebody went off at my workplace like he did, I'd be sure to have an elevated...
  6. Delete

    I've run Remington, Wincester and Federal through mine with not a hiccup. When my 10 year old son shoots the SR22, he gets FTF because he limp wrists it.
  7. Impersonating the police

    I wonder what the outcome was of his hearing. He's obviously on the road again. Assuming a favorable outcome, how does he not get stopped and a new hearing in the next town every time he takes it out.
  8. Impersonating the police

    I took this picture today. Thought it was cool. I googled it and found this story from last year: http://patch.com/massachusetts/braintree/braintree-man-summonsed-court-after-turning-maserati-police-car
  9. Wayland Home Invasion

    After this happened in my neighborhood and discussion ensued, someone advised to offer the home invader a warm meal.

    Hero cop! That's the story you won't see in this climate of cop bashing. Hey, ISIS we shoot back and have great aim in Texas.
  11. Harvard professor: "scientific consensus"--guns Я bad

    This is a statement from a sheep from a communist organization in the most communist city in America and it actually caused you to take 5 minutes of your life to start a string. Ignore the noise.
  12. Kershaw Emerson

    I have a CQC6 and its a great knife. Sharp as a razor and easy to maintain that edge. Well balanced and solidly built. The only problem is that it is my only Kershaw and sometimes I forget that and pull it out and it surprises me that it is deployed. The other problem is that it will not...

    I'd be so pissed after going through all the hoops to get a firearm if they wasted my time like that. It would deter 0% in my opinion. Second thought, how is it not illegal to set up a gun shop without all the required permits and licenses?
  14. Lawyers - I want to sue the State of Massachusetts

    Funny pun. Few are listening, maybe because they are deaf. Those that are, are trying to ban the car instead of putting a muffler on it. As an aside, isn't it great that you have to pay the state $35 to get your brand new car with 5 miles on it, that has been tested by the...
  15. I need someone to sharpen a knife

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0087BGXZU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Its a cheap knife based on the price and country of origin, but this is a high value knife because of the G10 scales, 440c, and the blade steel extends throughout the entire handle. The leather sheath is a...
  16. I need someone to sharpen a knife

    I bought a cool little boot dagger with 440c steel for $15. i can't get a good edge on it with my sharpeners because the factory edge needs to be reindexed. When i look at it with a loop it squiggles off center and at the tip the two edges don't line up. I need someone to center the edges and...
  17. IWB carry always feels too loose for me. Is this common?

    This will do the trick: Carhartt Belt
  18. Opened my first spam can

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