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  1. Howa HCR Rifle HCRA73107USK

    I hear ya man, I'm trying to justify a toy like a Howa to myself...
  2. Howa HCR Rifle HCRA73107USK

    Somewhere... over 500 yards preferably - but where are those locations in MA?
  3. Howa HCR Rifle HCRA73107USK

    Where would you shoot this?
  4. N00b Alert - How did you start hunting?

    Thanks, Misterhappy - I'll reconsider doing an online course run by another state. I need to check my club calendar too.
  5. N00b Alert - How did you start hunting?

    MudMuppet you're on - I'm near Boston so we're really not far from eachother. Once I take my class I'm going to reach out to you to learn me some scouting - that sounds like a lot of fun.
  6. N00b Alert - How did you start hunting?

    Gentlemen, thank you for your phenomenal stories. I laughed, I cried, and I was bored (Jack) - just kidding - I thought your story about your grandparents was very moving. I also liked how in many cases that the next generation is quickly learning the trade. The sport seems to be a dying one in...
  7. N00b Alert - How did you start hunting?

    My family immigrated here from a city in another country and therefore cultural integration for me, like many other immigrant children was "unassisted" by our previous generation. My father did not take me hunting, for example. I have, however, grown to love the outdoors, and developed opinions...
  8. Boston "Assault Weapons Ban" ... n00b content

    Can someone please re-link the City of Boston By-law? I've been trying to find it on the GOAL page as well and am unable. In practice, is the current MA-AWB currently the same as what was previously the AWB? Based on a paste from the by-law on page 2-3 of this thread, they appear to be the same...
  9. TCR22 Rifle

    Yes, I think you solved my problem. I will get a front ramp to dovetail base, and install the front tech sights, and install a Pic-rail to weaver adapter to mount the rear sight. Tech sights gave me all the dimensions that are pertinent to this problem and I think I can get everything lined up...
  10. TCR22 Rifle

    I'm late to the game here, but has anyone figured out a way to mount tech sights on these? It appears the Marlin front tech sight will fit on the front end, but per Tech Sights will make the existing rear peep too low. I think it will need to be some combo of the marlin front tech sight, and a...
  11. Deals and steals

    Four seasons has the T/CR22 advertised at 269ish on their website, but they are actually 229 in their shop. This seemed like a pretty good deal to me. GB tends to sell them in the high 200s/300s depending on what it is packaged with. I just came back from an appleseed event where I used a bolt...
  12. Massachusetts Rifle Association - Woburn, MA

    Dcmdon - we spoke some months back through PMs and I am signed up for the appleseed based on your guidance! I have an old marlin glenfield 20 and got 7 magazines based on your guidance so I will not spend all my time re-loading. Would LOVE to see your precision 10/22 at some point.
  13. Massachusetts Rifle Association - Woburn, MA

    I've signed up for the qualification for McLaughlin and Summa and have a little time to prepare before my qualification. I fall squarely into the new-to-shooting category, am very conscious of handling and safety at all times but unclear about accuracy expectations at the qualification...
  14. Massachusetts Rifle Association - Woburn, MA

    I'm about 6 months in for my membership and would like to qualify for McLaughlin. I recall from the safety class that it was a 6 month wait-period. Can someone please tell me if this is right? I could not find any additional details in the rulebook.
  15. First guns

    Mostly because Massachusetts. Pre-ban or Pre-healy ARs have incredibly pumped up pricing. I was considering a stripped lower build when the sig came along at a reasonable price and I just always had a thing for the piston driven sig platform.
  16. First guns

    Lol.... wait how many firearms does the average owner have? Edit: I'll focus on ammo and classes for the foreseeable future.
  17. First guns

    I bought a Mark IV, a 9mm Steyr, and a Sig 556. I will pick up a CZ 455 to round things out. I think I will stop here for the foreseeable future.
  18. Removable stock legal?

    Very nice, same here. When I was trying out different gun setups, Milktree met up with me and showed me a bunch of .22s. He's got an NB.
  19. Removable stock legal?

    Hmm, that seems like a solid precedent. I think people above have opined that it "should" be ok. I'm being persnickity on the "no stock" language in the excerpt I found above. 96 NA and 97 M-Edition here.
  20. Removable stock legal?

    Yeah - in their case it's monolithic and they created the part for an easier take-down. In my case, I think it just takes a bit longer (perhaps for me) to put the upper and lower back together than I would like - I've been doing exactly as you guys have suggested with the upper and lower...
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