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  7. Ar-15 info

    I have the M&PFT. Excellent rifle! You won't be disappointed!!!
  8. Recommendation for Southern NH Safe Dealer

    Thistle Safe located in Malden, MA will deliver and install in NH. Scott is a great guy. Call him...
  9. 10/30 rd Magpul Magazines

    Actually, I have looked. 4 different shops with nothing, except for one that had 20 round mags at $40 each. Internet searches have come up with many available pre-bans...some never used, but none of the websites will ship to MA. The ones that will ship, have none in stock.
  10. 10/30 rd Magpul Magazines

  11. 10/30 rd Magpul Magazines

    Well, considering the magazine that comes with the M&P15 was crap and I needed something better, I really didn't mind spending the little extra for a quality magazine that at least looks like it made for the rifle. I wouldn't say it was broken, just modified...much like how Sig modifies their...
  12. 10/30 rd Magpul Magazines

    As you know...in MA, we're limited to 10 rd magazines. As such, my AR-15 doesn't look right with a 10 round. So, I ventured to find new, modified 30 round magazine that would only hold 10 rds. My club limits rifle capacity to 10 rds anyway. Also, no pre-ban magazines that I could find were in...
  13. M&P15FT

    Thought I'd share that I recently purchased the M&P15FT as my first AR-15. I did a lot of research, shot other manufacturers, and all signs pointed to the S&W. The Troy sights and rails make for a solid rifle right out of the box. Put 600 rounds through it this week without a hiccup. Smith did...
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