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  1. S&W 627-5 V-Comp

    I looked on the MA approved roster and found the 627-5 but is the V-Comp with its 8 round cylinder approved in MA?? I was planning on purchasing one and did not want to have trouble transferring it locally.
  2. SVI in .40S&W

    Does SVI currently have any .40S&W models that are available in Massachusetts? I saw the 2 that are on the MA roster but both are .45's
  3. 3 Gun Competitions

    Is anyone aware of any 3 gun competitions in the New England Area?
  4. Para Ordnance Quality?

    I am looking at Para Pistols and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them. I was looking at the SX1640S in paticular but heard some things about FTF's with that gun.
  5. AR 15

    I am looking for a black gun for shooting at the local range and home defense. I really like the Bushmaster modular carbine with the skeleton stock but $1600 is a little out of my price range. Does anyone have any recommendations for a similar gun at a lower price that will be compliant in the...
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