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  1. Walsh having police confiscate replica guns

    http://www.wcvb.com/news/mayor-walsh-set-to-sign-legislation-banning-replica-firearms/36330368?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=FBPAGE&utm_campaign=WCVB%20Channel%205%20Boston The second to last sentence is hilarious. "Replica firearms in public spaces will be confiscated by police and the owner...
  2. Impersonating the police

    I took this picture today. Thought it was cool. I googled it and found this story from last year: http://patch.com/massachusetts/braintree/braintree-man-summonsed-court-after-turning-maserati-police-car
  3. I need someone to sharpen a knife

    I bought a cool little boot dagger with 440c steel for $15. i can't get a good edge on it with my sharpeners because the factory edge needs to be reindexed. When i look at it with a loop it squiggles off center and at the tip the two edges don't line up. I need someone to center the edges and...
  4. NPR says Chicago PD sucks and gun laws will not fix the problem!

    http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/national-public-radio/npr-news/episode/34752793?refid=asi_fb&autoplay=true Further, homicides are down because the bad guys can't shoot straight and it is good news because it is better than it was in the 90s.
  5. Poll: Should Congress pass universal background checks for gun purchases?

    Should Congress pass universal background checks for gun purchases?
  6. Chicago crime down

    "As of November 25, the city had recorded 377 murders, a 20% decline from the 472 that occurred last year by this time. It’s the fewest to date of any year since 1965, according to Chicago police." http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/what-you-dont-know-about-crime-chicago Shouldn't it be up because...
  7. $109 SOCOM barrel at Shadow Ops in stock

    Shadow Ops Weaponry. 556 NATO - SOCOM profile - 4140 Chrome Moly Steel 16 inch Barrel
  8. Super light AR build advice

    I'm doing a super light build to see if I can make a 5.56 build lighter than both my Bushmaster Carbon 15 and S&W M&P15-22. So far, I have a New Frontier LW-15 lower and their Accu Group polymer parts kit. I'm looking for a carbon stripped upper. I will keep barrel length shortest by law, 16"...
  9. Employees caved in and will go shooting

    I have had a round of annual performance appraisals. I have employees who tend to be liberal due purely to lack of information, propaganda in our media, and the environment they live in. Some have been recently victimized or had recent scares at work. One in particular was recently scared...
  10. Ed Davis Resigning!!!

    Good riddance!
  11. Cheap 9mm for sale

  12. repairing AR-15 magazines

    I have a couple of really old 30-round AR-15 magazines that are in rough shape, with dents and splits at the seams. The followers bind. The tabs for the base plate have broken off. They are pre-ban, no less and I would like to repair them. A repair would require a new body. In order to get...
  13. Where is the call to ban black cars!

    Los Angeles police search for motive of bloody boardwalk hit-and-run attack, rule out terrorism | Fox News This was a black killy looking car too!
  14. Why hasn't anyone redefined Assault Weapon?

    Its a political term, not a gun term. Would it be that difficult for one of our senators to redefine it? The general public thinks they are full-auto rifles. The majority don't know a thing about evil features. Assault Rifle: A rifle designed for no other purpose than assault, that uses...
  15. Post ban AR-15 magazines in stock for $16.99

    https://www.bravocompanyusa.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MAGAZINE-DH-GP30MP-10PACK At least there is stock at normal prices returning to the market.
  16. MSR vs AR

    Since the politicians and media have latched onto the term "Assault Rifle" and have associated that term with the AR-15 (ArmaLite), I am no longer going to refer to AR-15s as "ARs." I pledge not to refer to any of the firearms available to me as assault rifles, because that is not what they are...
  17. loaded gun hidden in woman's private parts

    Oklahoma police find loaded gun hidden in woman's private parts | Fox News How much gun can be concealed in the most extreme? What about in general? Would a derringer work well? So many questions.

    I can only imagine how this will go. http://neighborsforneighbors.org/profiles/blog/show?id=1171189%3ABlogPost%3A94220&xgs=1&xg_source=msg_share_post Why didn't I know that a Fudd, recreational Trap Shooter John Rosenthal co-founder of American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA) and...
  19. USA Today is trash

    USA Today is a left wing, anti Christian, propaganda scare machine for American tourists and foreign visitors. Just about every front page has an anti-gun article. Every issue has articles that are politically slanted to the left. Its articles frighten the reader into supporting any and all demo...
  20. Encounter with Boston Cop while carrying today

    I was traveling a quiet industrial street where I work and coming to a stop sign. There is only one other road entering the intersection on the left, a parking lot on the right and a one way going straight ahead. So, I slow to a crawl, looking left, not seeing anything coming, looking to the...
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