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  1. tried my hand at engraving

    [rofl] I wouldn't try it i'm just rolling over the other comments.
  2. Forgot/Lost keys at the range?

    I see a lot of people on here like loose trigger locks... hmmm
  3. Forgot/Lost keys at the range?

    How the hell do you bolt cut a trigger lock?
  4. Forgot/Lost keys at the range?

    Hey guys, haven't done much lock picking in the recent past but i lost a key at home for my master lock on my rifle... I know its going to turn up when i drill out the lock so I pulled out the ol' paper clips. Still got it...FYI the smaller cable locks you will usually need a bobby pin or...
  5. Bug out/GO BAG (not in, the out)

    I guess I worded this wrong it wasn't really to compare to me it was to explain what you guys use... My use for that style bag is not long term survival or setting up a relief shelter hah. It's medical supplies, some snacks, hydration and warmth... I don't have any need to collapse a...
  6. Verify that box matches ammo inside

    Thought that looked familiar
  7. Bug out/GO BAG (not in, the out)

    I see lots of threads on WHATS IN THE BAG... Lets talk about THE BAG! I prefer the smaller messenger style bag for 1 person go-bag as opposed to a full size military 2 person capable bug out bag. I like it to have two strap capability such as this one...
  8. GLOCK 43s IN STOCK!!!! GLOCK 43s IN STOCK!!!!

    I emailed to check if the price was right an see about the sale, they informed me it was leo only i told them it needed to be fixed on here and they apologized... simple as that. Some shops aren't ready to sell that is their right. Quit being dicks, and dont DRIVE down there all hot an bothered...

    pro-comp ultra-lite 4380 never installed perfect condition 180 shipped lower 48 2" ACCELERATION GAUGE, D-PIC, ULTRA-LITE Aeroforce PT101 Scangauge never installed free dust on it 200 shipped lower 48 Aeroforce Technology Inc | Products - Interceptor Order 350 for both
  10. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    thanks, search on google works better than here lol
  11. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    Hey guys i've never checked when I was sitting around the club, do we have WIFI access there?
  12. Spare Mag Carry

    They are so small arent they? I have a 508holsters kydex i use IWB and it conceals great, just tough to grab the mag base and draw it sometimes...
  13. Does Anyone Appendix Carry?

    G33 in vanguard 2 @ 1-2 and Kydex 508holsters spare mag 10-11 . Just moved a house the past 3 days no issues. As for the VG2, you likely wont be worried about re-holstering in MA if you need to draw.
  14. Comm2A files against the AG on LCIs, Draper v Coakley

    SO after this appeal process begins, whats the expected timeline for the same decision to be made again?
  15. Choosing a lower

    Doesn't have the flared mag well I want. I have an AA lower that is also non flared... Thats why I didn't grab a lower from you guys with the JIG on Saturday
  16. Choosing a lower

    This is what im trying to avoid
  17. Choosing a lower

    Im sorrry i meant that the rear of the lower is not beavertail friendly, i believe i've read several that do not take magpul grips for examlpe - - - Updated - - - Im sorrry i meant that the rear of the lower is not beavertail friendly, i believe i've read several that do not take magpul grips...
  18. Choosing a lower

    Looking for 7075, not concerned about billet v forged, want a flared mag well however not one that interferes with the grip. Any suggestions or other things I should be looking for?
  19. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    I dropped by this afternoon for about 30 minutes, i was able to get on to the far left 50 with 4x4, big mound of snow over there.
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