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  1. Help with inmate search?

    Did you try https://vinelink.com/
  2. How Many Mandatory One-Year Sentences?

    I view CORI's on a regular basis and am amazed at how often a possession of a firearm w/o a license charge is dismissed. Even more amazing is when a person has multiple counts of firearms possession and does not serve any time.
  3. Politician's Responses to AG Overeach

    Also waiting from Dave
  4. MSNBC Tries to Claim Tenn. Terrorist Killed Because he’s a Southern Gun Nut

    GIRL- Devout Muslim.... sister always talked about religion. TV Host - Oh so was he a gun nut. Talk about running from calling this guy an Islamic terrorist....
  5. 7 Dead in Santa Barbara Shooting

    Here is his youtube account and video he posted before he did it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbv5Vpa-B-0
  6. Baitcaster or spinning gear??

    This video will save you many hours of frustration.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDI5kwR5zjc
  7. Tiger & Browns

    That looks like a good day of fishing....
  8. Lost LTC pin #

    Call your PD and speak to the person who does the licensing, they should be able to give you the number. I did this in Quincy and had it in less than two minutes over the phone.
  9. facebook back and forth with an anti

    found this on liveleak.. how liberals argue. I think it fits him well http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d47_1358460312
  10. My SBR build

    So nice....
  11. Tax stamp arrived today!!

    That's nice...
  12. E-FA10/Paper FA-10 Question

    Is the paper form the official FA-10 or a PDF. If its the official form Why not just mail it in? IANAL but as long as you notify of the transaction w/in 7 days you should be fine. Paper of electronic
  13. Palmetto State Armory

    From PSA website Looks like you should have waited for them to refuse to ship the order rather than you cancel it.
  14. Cheapest place to buy ammo in Massachusetts?

    Same here, I would pay club dues for those prices....
  15. Magpul MOE or CTR in NH Gun shops?

    I am sure they had mag pul stocks, but can't remember if it was CTR, MOE or both. I picked up a lower that day and was taking mental note of build supplies they had. It was 3-4 weeks back so I would give a call first.
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