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  1. The Best Gun Porn Ever.

    I'm a fan of the Gray Room, personally.
  2. Stand up for "Ammosexual" Rights!

    Aww, that's cute. They gave us a nickname.
  3. Tough day for Diane Feinstein and moms jeans obama

    Yeah, exactly this. Obama/Biden too. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that room.
  4. OK, I am going to open a can of worm here...

    Where to start. You would think that the mentally ill and criminals are buying their guns at gun shows or from random strangers who are unknowingly selling to dangerous people, but that's generally not the case. A lot of them steal guns from people they know, or they obtain them from people...
  5. No more unrestricted Ltc for any Weymouth residents

    I don't know if it was in writing before, but that's been their policy for a while. I used to live in Weymouth, it is not 2A friendly. I moved out for the sole purpose of getting my LTC (fortunately, my life was adaptable enough at that time that it was possible - not so much now, if I had to do...
  6. Kudos to GOAL for how they've behaved through this

    Hell yeah. Here's to GOAL. [cheers]
  7. Chrome-plated AK-47 and a two-year federal prison sentence

    You're right, of course. Sometimes, I get a little too passionate about this subject for my own good. Luckily, Terminator understands that I was attacking his position and not him personally. I will keep this in mind for future discussions, though.
  8. Chrome-plated AK-47 and a two-year federal prison sentence

    As I said before, I don't advocate breaking the law. That's the part I have a problem with here. Did he really get what he deserved? Why did he deserve it? There's a difference between facing the consequences and deserving them. If you think he deserves to be in prison for breaking these...
  9. Chrome-plated AK-47 and a two-year federal prison sentence

    I'm not advocating breaking any laws. What I take issue with here is the condoning of charges for crimes stemming from laws that were created for infringing our rights. PSGWSP when a guy crashes his car while racing at 200mph on the highway at night, not when a guy gets arrested for not...
  10. Chrome-plated AK-47 and a two-year federal prison sentence

    Gotta love the threads where people support sending a guy to jail for not hurting anybody.
  11. Lose LTC Quickly...update post 112

    To paraphrase Pulp Fiction, "drinking & driving" and "drinking & carrying" are not in the same ball park. They're not in the same league. They're not even the same ****ing sport. It sounds like the kid in this story was being irresponsible with his car, but responsible with his firearm. Yet...
  12. OK, so who actually LIKES 40 S&W?

    I have one .40, and I'm a big fan - HK USP. It's reliable, accurate, and a whole lot of fun to shoot.
  13. An Update on GOAL, The Foundation, and TOM

    Thank you for the update, Jim. That definitely gave me a much better idea of what was going on, and it's great to hear just how much things have improved. [cheers]
  14. New member in Fitchburg

    I recently had the pleasure of trying a couple of Kahr 9mms subcompacts - the PM9 and the MK9. The PM9 is the more popular, it is the replacement for the MK9, but it is much lighter (polymer frame, as opposed to full steel), so it has more felt recoil. For being so small, I was surprised at...
  15. China condemns U.S. gun ownership as human rights violation

    While this is true, the quote still makes a valid point. Just like the "people sleep peaceably" quote that is misattributed to Orwell.
  16. I was outted today. I feel weird.

    I was outed by a third party at my last job. It was common knowledge to a few that I carried (which was my bad - I had mentioned it to a couple of people I was close with because I had a direct "OK" from upper management to carry), and someone brought it up in conversation to a person who...
  17. China condemns U.S. gun ownership as human rights violation

    I keep thinking back to that Denis Leary skit about Keith Richards saying we shouldn't do drugs.
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