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  1. Jump on this auction now.

  2. Police: Woburn Man Who Just Received License To Carry Accidentally Shoots Friend While Showing New Gun

    From the gofundme page for the kid ."He was shot in the neck and the bullet severed his C6 and other parts of his spinal cord. He is permanently paralyzed and will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life"
  3. FPC Challenge to MA Handgun Roster

    LCI: 1. Pull trigger. 2. Listen for a sound. If "click" then not loaded chamber. If "bang".... it was loaded.
  4. Asian Americans Create Gun Group as Ownership, Hate Crimes Rise: Asian American and Pacific Islander Gun Owners (AAPIGO)

    AAPIGO is not exactly a catchy name. I think 'Roof Koreans' is better. Or Roof Asians? Id buy a t shirt for the cause.
  5. Newton Gun Shop getting pushback

    4 whole sentences. Ace journalism right there, boy.
  6. Is two story shed possible?

    Looks like a contractor got creative with leftover materials from a few jobs!
  7. Newton Gun Shop getting pushback

    That boat has left the barn.
  8. Make your bets! Where will the Chinese rocket crash

    View: https://youtu.be/ysxMsuNXaIM View: https://youtu.be/MrYDaIkR-4g
  9. Gun goals

    In before Terminator gun shop quotes.
  10. Ban on manufacturing "assault guns" in Massachusetts

    Me neither, but that submarine would be great for joy rides!
  11. Packing the court

    Typo, sorry. I meant "the media moderated fair discussion prior to the start of the 4th term of the Obama dynasty"
  12. New member

    Weathered grey, with a bunch ofold lobster gear all over it?
  13. Packing the court

    This will go down in flames, only to become a huge topic for the next election. More distraction for now from the real issues.
  14. Girl Power! Finally, a show I can watch with my daughter!

    And less camera cropping on the prone shots. Watched episode 1. Will watch more, but not really binge worthy.
  15. Biden’s executive action

    Its all theater, and i have seen this play.
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