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  1. Gun theft in Framingham

    Framingham man charged with stealing gun
  2. Big mistake in Florida

    Thousands Of People In Florida Were Approved To Carry Concealed Guns Without Being Fully Checked — BuzzFeed News
  3. Squirrel Rage

    http://metrowestdailynews.com/news/20170425/framingham-man-charged-after-shooting-squirrels-in-his-yard Username?
  4. Gun portal question

    I'm the executor/personal representative of an estate currently in probate in MA. I will need to transfer some firearms to a family member. The guns were not mentioned in the will, but I know they were slated to this person verbally, well before death. I have not yet used the portal myself. My...
  5. MA non-resident ltc update

    Email today from Mass Firearms School: Important Change For Non-Resident Mass License Holders Some great news for those holding a non-resident Massachusetts Firearms License. The Firearms Record Bureau no longer requires an in-person visit every year when it comes time to renew one's...
  6. Constitution of Massachusetts

    I wonder if the tyrant AG has read this. Especially these articles: Part of the First Art. XX. The power of suspending the laws, or the execution of the laws, ought never to be exercised but by the legislature, or by authority derived from it, to be exercised in such particular cases only as...
  7. How can this even happen?

    Ms. Ott needs a lawyer who knows that the firearm acts of 2014 changed spray possession! Am I missing something here? The police, DA, and judge not up on current laws?
  8. Paging Fake George!

    PM please....
  9. 2 16 year old girls charged with plotting school attack

    Sorry if this is a dupe, I searched...... http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/news/a41259/brooke-higgins-sienna-johnson-colorado-shooting/
  10. Dirty Magazines

    I have a collection of dirty mags [wink]. How often should they be disassembled and cleaned? Is there a good way to clean them up between range trips without breaking them down?
  11. Negligent discharge in Easton last night

  12. Metro West Tactical, Southborough

    Anyone check out this shop yet? I drive by daily and finally stopped in today. I opened the door and was charged by a Doberman, turned out to be friendly, but pucker factor was huge! Not cool. Small inventory, not FFL, but some accessories and mace.
  13. Whoops......

    I had some business at the Worcester Courthouse this afternoon. After properly storing my handgun in my vehicle, I made my way inside. The instant that I placed my handbag on the belt I realized that my knife was clipped in a pocket. I told the court officer and he said he would check it for me...
  14. Shooting at Hopkinton State Park yesterday

  15. OMG, The Children of Westborough.....

    http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery?Site=WL&Date=20140723&Category=PHOTOGALLERY&ArtNo=723009984&Ref=PH&taxoid= Funny how these gun shaped objects are allowed on school property....
  16. Mag not seating

    I picked up a spare mag for my BG 380, and it just won't seat correctly. I'm thinking maybe spring problem? Any ideas? I'm thinking about taking good and bad mags apart and comparing the innards.
  17. Ankle carry

    Any suggestions for an ankle holster for bodyguard 380?
  18. Progressive lenses and target sighting

    Well, I've recently been prescribed progressive lens glasses. Any advice regarding range wear is welcomed!

    If you Home School your child, would your castle become a campus?
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