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  1. Thread Lock or anti seize for gas block?

    Repairing my Radical Upper. Original gas tube hole drilled UPSIDE DOWN! (Or offset bent upside down?) New gas tube, and pin. Dry threads from Radical. I have some blue locktite, and some copper anti sneeze on hand. Suggestions? Or doesnt it matter?
  2. WTT 36" chest freezer not working.

    Intermittently stopped cooling, no idea how to troubleshoot. Wife wants it gone. 10 yr old Frigidaire 36" wide, 34" high 22" deep, typical best buy special. White. Free to a good home. Gratuity of 1 Box of centerfire range ammo suggested, because hey, NES. Gloucester Pm me here.
  3. Suggested file size for uploading photos

    What is the max image file size or resolution for direct uploading? Is there an optimum spec?
  4. Beginner bow for 10 yr old, advice please.

    Looking for a suggestion on a shop, possibly local, to get a starter setup for my 10 year old boy. Havent been to ktp in years, but I recall a good selection there. Any place on the North Shore, or a road trip? Are the kids compound bows any good, or should he start with a kids recurve...
  5. Wilson Combat great customer service

    How it should be done. Customer service. I had been having frequent failures to go to slide lock on an empty mag, with my old Kimber Custom II And Wilson 8 rd mags, so I ordered new spring and follower kits for all of them. I also ordered one of their bullet proof slide releases. The Kimber...
  6. WTS Snowmobile/utility trailer project

    Gone. Please delete
  7. This Shrink gets it...

  8. How to Stop a Would Be Killer at a Military Base

    Excellent. From the Wall St. Journal: How to Stop a Would Be Killer at a Military Base
  9. Gloucester Mayor joins "Illegal gun" group

    The most idiotic thing I have ever read in the Gloucester Times: Mayor Kirk, could you please define "legal gun violence?" Link to todays Gloucester Times story
  10. Pier Morgan: "I QUIT"

    see ya... dont let the screen door hit you on the way out.[dance] http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/medianews/article4014060.ece?CMP=OTH-gnws-standard-2014_02_23
  11. Any shops N of Boston stock Ramshot powders?

    Thought I would ask, before I start calling around. Im looking to try Ramshot Silhouette
  12. NY forgot to exempt the cops.... oops!

    See what can happen when you rush ? http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news%2Flocal%2Fnew_york&id=8958116 edit. sorry for the dupe. guess i rushed in too.. [thinking]
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