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  1. concealed carry pants

    I start a new job and need to wear khakis and a polo. Recommendations for pants I can conceal carry my firearm in. I have seen shorts you can put your firearm in the pocket. I either will do my g26 or g19. Thanks.
  2. Chances

    Hey everyone, was wondering if people think 1. New Glocks EVER be allowed to be sold by dealers legit 2. AR ban deal of Healy shit be overturned Will it happen with a new AG or courts fix this, I'm tired of 2500 prehealy stuff worth 700
  3. Connecticut Non Resident CCW process

    I'm a MA resident, want to apply for the Non resident CT pistol permit. It says to call for app, no problem. What certificate will they take to show live fire. I did the Mass Firearms School Basic Pistol with live fire, and Utah non resident. Also if they take either or, is there a time limit...
  4. army l target

    where on the south shore can I buy army L targets to practice for ri qualify. I need them asap. thanks.
  5. new holster

    recommendations for a owb leather for a glock 19 since it can be concealed moire in the cooler weather. looking for a thumb break if possible if not it's ok. can't find any good ones that havdd goo d retention. thanks.
  6. Charlie's nice comment

    "The governor also told reporters Monday that he takes “some comfort” in the Bay State’s strict gun laws, which ban assault rifles."" In todays patriot ledger. Sorry if dupe just pissed off more at this and this states bandwagoni ng. Source...
  7. SW500 Shortie

    Anyone know any gun stores that have the sw500 short in stock either new or used? Thinking about getting one, why? It's a damn .500
  8. Norwell police

    Hey, i wanted to open up a small gun shop where i can sell as a dealer, mostly online and gun shows I found a place in norwell. Has anyone dealt with their pilice, us the chief or official anti. What are my chances to get the licenses from them to sell firearms and ammo. Before i called...
  9. Ioi appt with atf

    I have an ioi apppt with atf to open ffl07 I am doimg manufacturing, rd and sales. How should i respond to what i am doing. I am nervous because i have been busy trying to get things together. I dont want to screw myself. I want to do rd and then man. Tweak existing, build from scratch...
  10. Awb apply here

    Does the awb apply here. Found at a local thrift store. Picture not showing up will fix.
  11. Awb apply here

    Does the awb apply here. Found at a local thrift store
  12. Whens the next rally?

    When and where is the next rally? Not at her house either. Really?
  13. ammo

    With the pending election, should we be stocking up ammo and whatever we can when pricea start to rise especially after freest incidents. Just ordered some stuff, sent away for my name stamp. what else should I be doing to prepare. stacking deep.
  14. Filing NFA Trust

    Do we have to send copies of the trust to the BATFE if we just created one and assigned a lower to it? If so does it have to be postmarked by July 1st? Or do we get it notarized and all the stuff and send it in when we want to acquire a NFA item.
  15. nfa trust

    I have a question, any who knows I appreciate the answer. I setup a NFA Trust and I have to fund it by setting up a bank acct, do I need to apply for a FID for the trust? I thought that trust require a separate FID number or can I use my SSN? I know the bank will ask for a number but I am...
  16. Ok, i have a situation!

    Ok, i have a little problem. I usually carry my usually stuff on me. But today i had a doctor's appt and somehow lost my pepper spray. I know when I last had it. I think I lost it at the pizza place I had lunch in today? Should I run and hid now? But really i think it fell off my pants...
  17. Nonresident NH CCW license

    I thought I remember talks about that NH was not going to charge for license to carry in NH? My license for NH CCW non resident is due to expire in Sept and was going to renew early but wanted to make sure that they didn't stop charging. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.
  18. Cori Checks

    I have a question, I work for the state and I had to fill out a Cori background sheet today. Does that show if you have an LTC and own firearms? I am a bit nervous about this.
  19. Randolph officer who does the gun licenses Retiring

    So... my town's LEO who you meet with to apply for a firearms license is retiring soon, and I hope that this isn't going to spell trouble for me when I renew not soon, but anyways. I hope that who is ever chosen to replace him isn't an ANTI or this town will go further in the septic tank and I'm...
  20. Ammo Bunkah closed permanently?????

    Hey everyone, i just got an email about the space ammo bunkah was in 150L New Boston St, Woburn, MA for lease, 3 years left in the lease. Did Ammo bunkah close permanently? Their site says under construction.
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