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  1. French nuclear firm seeks to resolve 'performance issue' at China plant

    You nailed it. Taishan nuclear plant: China admits damage to fuel rods https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-57496831
  2. French nuclear firm seeks to resolve 'performance issue' at China plant

  3. Officer-involved shooting leaves 16-year-old girl dead in Ohio

    So her mother named her after her car?
  4. Ohio man with AK-47 arrested in Times Square subway station

    Did he walk from OH to NYC?
  5. ***SCAM ALERT***

    Definitely not canned responses but who knows. I choose to believe some Indian guy on his cell phone next to an open sewer in Mumbai.
  6. ***SCAM ALERT***

    They have live help on website chat. I'm on now tying them up with bs questions.
  7. 'Out To Kill A Cop' - Sniper On The Loose In Maryland

    Ground zero and Item #1 on Barry Soetoro's agenda. Cambridge Police acting stupidly, Big Mike, if I had a son Trayvon and on and on. This enemy of the state needs to be hung in the Hingham or Duxbury town square. Guarantee that lazy ass is sitting back with a smile on his face.
  8. Erratic driving on Route 24 leads to arrest on list of charges by Massachusetts State Police

    But, but, but....the socialist democrats want to know what color he is?
  9. BREAKING: Man took 5 guns, body armor into Atlantic Station Publix, cops say

    Does the 4th handgun belong to the arresting officer?
  10. Bachant Armament Company, Rt 18 Lakeville MA

    Bill Bachant. Good guy. Check him out. https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Gun-Store/Bachant-Armament-Co-111891373628328/
  11. What are you doing in your will with your firearms?

    No kids but 3 marine nephews and 1 navy neice all with ltc. I'll put a clause in my will they have to duel each other out last one standing wins. 2 of the nephews are animals. Should be interesting.
  12. Eight People Shot In Broad Daylight Near Olney Transportation Station, Philadelphia Police Say

    He purchased a kite at Einstein’s cousins market and deli and used it to discover electricity
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