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  1. 2021 NH SB141

    The Gun Line is a waste of Tax Dollars. Duplicating a system and adding artificial delays to a process that already takes too long. There is no benefit to keeping it functional beyond giving out jobs to friends of politicians and earning favors.
  2. Can an employer tell you that you can’t bring a firearm to work?

    look at all the 7-11, Gas Station, and Convenience store employees who have engaged active threats and then immediately lost their jobs for violating policy. Despite actively saving lives, they broke the rules, put the company at risk, and that will not be tolerated.
  3. Interview in Salem, MA

    Since you like licking their boots, just offer a blow job for an unrestricted LTC.... might work.
  4. When did AR pistols get so popular?

    I'd rather spend $200 on accessories to outfit my AR Pistol than giving the government a**h***s any more money than I absolutely have to for something that shouldn't even be restricted.
  5. Strange interaction at Gunrunner 101 in Amherst, NH

    probably sees the future of his store now that Output has a location up the road. Unfortunately, they both suck ass.
  6. Moved out of Mass. Gov't Wants My New Address

    This is a bad idea. An Expired Residential LTC should still provide legal protection for the possession (not carried) firearms that would otherwise be legal in the state. While there is no case law on this issue, the law itself does not require an individual to be a resident for the...
  7. Tulsa Cop handles active shooter like a boss

    Some questions (generally in decreasing order of importance to me) : - What was the need to engage the suspect without any verbal commands? Shoot first, tell him to stop second? - What's the policy that allows engaging a suspect across six lanes of active traffic without an apparent immediate...
  8. Mass. teacher accused of planting live ammo at school, then calling police

    I've never heard or seen anyone getting charged with carrying ammunition on school grounds before and a quick scan didn't bring up any hits. Is that buried in the Carrying a firearm on school grounds restrictions?
  9. MSP BFS Instructors Question about Certificates

    hey all, I'm considering adding a live fire component to my HFS Class and wanted to note on the Certificate that the class included such. What's the typical wording used to accomplish this? I don't recall this being discussed in my Instructor material. Thanks!
  10. Home Depot blocks NES

    Maybe it's time to set up a DoS on the wifi networks at HD and see how they like it.
  11. Licensed gun owner aids Illinois cops in shootout with suspect; 1 officer injured

    Naw, they'd go directly for attempted murder of a police officer. HA!
  12. Comm2A Monthly Donations - Important Notice

    I'm truly surprised Paypal permitted Comm2A to be on their platform as long as they were. Cuz... Guns.
  13. Just got my new LTC

    Doh, missed that it was a renewal. :\ Whomp whomp
  14. Soft Case With Padlock

    The law states a locked case or container, it doesn't specify the composition or material of said case. Remember, most of the "safety" laws are geared towards preventing unauthorized users easy access to the firearm, not theft prevention.
  15. Just got my new LTC

    Your birthday shouldn't have anything to do with it's effective/issue date. Your Birthday is your expiration date in 5-ish years. How far away is your birthday and how long are they denying your firearm rights for?
  16. ATF Special Agent Phone Call

    Missed this response last year. Submitted == After the individual filled out the 4473 and the FFL provided the information to the NICS for the background check Returned == After NICS completed the background check and provided a response. I've always been told that adding additional types of...
  17. Deals and steals

    The Creality Ender3 is the currently the hot ticket. $180/200 depending on where you get it. Feel free to PM me any questions you have.
  18. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Springs weaken from repeated use, going from fully loaded to unloaded. Not resting in a single state. Leaving it stored loaded does nothing useful for you. Load/Unload it a few dozen times and it will break the spring in and it'll be easier.
  19. Creating AR15 Lowers for SHTF Time

    DD just announced they're moving to 2500/unit soon, if not already, due to Trump's Tariff pissing contest with everyone in the world. The biggest hurdle you have to deal with is intention. The ATF is going to say that the intention was to sell them, but that's a hard one to prove without a...
  20. ATF Rules on establishing residency

    Did you just admit to conspiring to commit a straw purchase? Where's the pot stirring emoji?
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