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  1. Crossbow

    Probably way over discussed, but, I would love to buy a crossbow for only target practice in my back yard, where can I buy one in ma? Do not want to hunt or do anything else but shoot arrows into a bag.
  2. "Lone Survivor" movie 2013

    Don't know if this has been posted before but one of the best books I have ever read, "Lone Survivor" by Marcus Luttrell is finally going to be made a movie. Peter Berg is slated to direct I hope it is as awesome as the book. Imdb says it should be started January 12' an released in 13'
  3. Chiappa Rhino .357 MAG

    This is quite the interesting new gun. Just read the new Combat Handguns kinda cool, needs a laser in the forehead waisted space, but neat. http://chiappafirearms.com/product/725
  4. Any one dealt with www.apextac.com?

    They seem to have ACOG's and Eotech's for $80 are these real or is this a scam? It looks like everything ships out of China or some where in Asia and u can use Paypal. www.apextac.com
  5. AR bolt issue

    When my bolt is open and I shake my rifle hard to the side or up and down the bolt closes. I am also having problems with locking the bolt back, takes a few times before it catches. Any suggestions on whats going on?
  6. Ballistic computer for you I-Phone

  7. VIDEO: Don't bring bats when the other guy has a gun

  8. VIDEO: Impact guns/Drool

  9. Question on traveling to So. Carolina

    I know a lot of people ask but I would like to know what my options are traveling by car down to So. Carolina for a weeks vacation. Anyone know if I can travel through all those states and then carry? If I can't carry on me while in SC can I keep it locked in the home of the individual I'm...
  10. XD gets an ambi safety

    Was just looking at the American Rifleman magazine and saw the add for the new Springfield XD w/ optional ambi thumb safety. Maybe MA compliant someday? That would be nice.
  11. Sharks game tonight

    Anyone know if there are pat downs and metal detectors at the DCU center for these games, first time, taking the 4yr old

    Anyone likey these darlings? http://splodetv.com/video/tribute-ar15
  13. Comptac ?

    Anyone have the Gurkha holster from Comptac? I'm thinking of getting one for my S&W M&P 340.
  14. WPR

    Any one going to the orientation tonight at WPR? I will be there. Can't wait to finally have a new range.
  15. Hells Angels

    Friday, January 11, 2008 Hells Angel pleads guilty; sentencing set Charge: being a felon in possession of ammunition By Lee Hammel TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF [email protected] BOSTON— A member of the Hells Angels motorcycle club — charged in several Worcester area...
  16. Boston Gun Range.....

    If any of you read my thread on BGR gift cert. mix up all is well and the range handle it like gentlemen. There was a mix up with what the gifte cert. was able to be used for and after Fith ironed things out I was sold 3 boxes of Remington .40 I walked in today to a hand shake and all is...

    Is it me or is a post to sell, trade, or buy just not worth it unless you can see the gun? I wish more people would take the time and snap a pic to show you the gun. Everyone has a digital camera and obviously a computer so take a pic and show your product. Its hard to want to drive 1-3 hrs in...
  18. VIDEO: Hollow point-vs-FMJ

  19. Boston Gun Rage!

    Got a gift cert. a year ago to my old range BGR for $50. I thought I lost it and it turned up in an old sneaker box in the closet. Went down there today to buy some ammo for IDPA practice tomorrow. As I walk in immediatley I'm hounded with, "What do you want?" Well I said I'm looking over here...
  20. ? on Hiviz sights

    Are these viewable night sights like Trijicon or Meprolight? I saw the S&W 340pd in a post w/ them on and am curious if they act like night sights. There website is kind of vague on if they glow at night.
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