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  1. Friends of NRA Banquet & AR10 Drawing in Sturbridge - May 14th

    Yes. At least a couple of members entered. The winner works in Groveland, MA. The ticket was sold by a committee member at his office. I don't know if the winner is an NESer, but the winning ticket was not sold directly from the board. Thank you to all who participated. We had a great event...
  2. Friends of NRA Banquet & AR10 Drawing in Sturbridge - May 14th

    Six tables remaining. See you on May 14th!
  3. NES Remington 870 Giveaway

  4. another newbie question

    Piling on to sevenMMmag... Another "evil feature" is a grenade launcher on a post pan or ban AR15. Also on a post ban or ban AR15, any muzzle device (read compensator) must be permanently attached. IIRC, since it will be permanently attached, you can go with a 14.5" barrel & a long compensator...
  5. NRA vital in next election

    The NRA doesn't care about issues other than 2nd Amendment issues! One prime example was their consideration of endorsing Harry Reid during the last election. It drew outrage from many conservative NRA members and the NRA responded with a letter confirming their endorsements are base solely...
  6. AR-15 question..?

    Many LTC applicants in MA have never owned a firearm before. They choose to apply for the LTC-A because it covers all guns that the lesser permits allow [wise choice]. From my experience, the most popular course to qualify for an LTC-A in MA is NRA Basic Pistol. If the course is taught according...
  7. Would you do this?

    I have to agree with the others that an outbuilding would be my last choice for my firearms and/or valuables. Anyone interested in breaking into it would know it is unoccupied nearly all the time. The H-blocks on the basement floor are a good idea. If the safe is huge, you may need to more than...
  8. Clean background check or no training?

    Tough call, really. If your primary business is firearms training and you operate a storefront, this may present a problem eventually. If you are like many other instructors, myself included, and teach part time because you have a passion for the sport then you will probably never have an...
  9. Boston, only can get a class A with no conceal carry, anyway around this??

    Maybe it was a reference to Shaq. ?
  10. Somebody explain rimfire optics to me

    +1 for AO glass on a rimfire. You can adjust down to 10 or 15 yards for use on the indoor range and out to infinity for outdoor use. Leupold has a few that would fit the bill nicely in the sub $600 range (street prices). I am in the market for one to replace the last remaining optic that cost...
  11. Friends of NRA Banquet & AR10 Drawing in Sturbridge - May 14th

    Event tickets now available on-line at the NRA Foundation website!
  12. Thank you Derek

    I have used the forums for a long time and am happy to help support their continuing operation. Gone green.
  13. Local MA ordinances that bar FTF sales & CCW

    Don't forget, if you are visiting Boston as a tourist and want to see the USS Constitution, it is on an active military base and weapons are not allowed. There are metal detectors at the entrance. They will not check weapons for you. I made the mistake of carrying there and of course quietly...
  14. The Wait

    Pretty much any competent attorney. Here is a link to some relevant case law in Mass.
  15. The Wait

    Not all LEOs feel that way. I know several personally that certainly do not. Advice is based on opinion. Everyone has an opinion and there is always an opposing opinion out there. The OP and anyone else asking for advice will receive more than they wanted. Everyone will believe their advice is...
  16. The Wait

    Fencer, sorry to hear your local PD does not feel they need to follow the law. Having to bend over because some local CLEO doesn't want to follow the law is not acceptable. If enough people win lawsuits against local bullies there might not be a problem anymore.
  17. The Wait

    Do NOT wait that long... I suggest familiarizing yourself with MGL C.140 S.131 Furthermore... If you have not received a reply in 40 days and want to apply pressure to the local PD or the State, cite the law to them.
  18. any 1911 smiths in NE mass?

    If you are willing to make the drive to Worcester, I highly recommend Mike LaRocca at LaRocca Gun Works. I have been taking my firearms to Mike for over 20 years.
  19. Shooting ear muffs, anyone have a set they really like

    +1 for Pro Ears. I tried a few other pairs and these came out on top. Everything about them was better, except the price.
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