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  1. Massfirearms & NES July Giveaway!

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  2. Massfirearms and NES June Giveaway

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  3. Public Range near Bethel, ME?

    What does one do in Bethel, Maine for a bachelor party? I'm almost surprised that I've even been there, but only for the Maine Forest Rally. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. President Trump proposes to cut $1.3 Billion from USCG budget

    Ok. I see my non-member rates as very carefully calculated fees necessary to provide a high level of customer service. Not arrived at lightly. Weren't we talking about the Coast Guard? [grin] I think I'll go to the range today. OceanTrvlr
  5. President Trump proposes to cut $1.3 Billion from USCG budget

    Dang, man! That hurts. I'm former Coast Guard enlisted and have owned aforesaid marine assistance towing and recovery business here in MA for the past thirteen years. I work my ass off to provide great service to my customers on the water in order to support my family. I think we can agree...
  6. 25mm ammo cans?

    I'm not familiar with 25mm ammo cans, having just seen them mentioned somewhere. They are unique enough in size and shape, enough that they could serve some different uses for me as opposed to other, more standard sized, ammo cans such as 50 or 30 cal. A little looking around the internet and I...
  7. Massfirearms and NES Tax Day Giveaway!

    iN. OceanTrvlr
  8. Two way radio suggestions

    Zello app on smart phones is an possible solution using everyone's personal phones. Otherwise you need to rent or buy radios from someone who can lease you time on a commercial repeater. Similar to what taxi companies use. Search for Motorola dealers near you. Here on South Shore you could try...
  9. Traffic Stop Story

    What is this about? I noticed a local Rhode Island LEO do this when was stopped last year. We talked about boats. He called me an "upstanding citizen," told me to slow down and sent me on my way.
  10. SHTF Ambulance

    They serve many purposes after retirement. Good for trades (plumbers, etc). I had a former TV news remote van I used to tow around a race car for a few years. Somewhat similar to an ambulance in setup.
  11. Marathon Monitoring

    Is 220mhz used at all for the marathon?
  12. Keeping your equipment secure at the range

    Completely agree. But someone above was taking about having it on the bench. The OBI rules some clubs have seen to be intended to prevent HANDLING of Guns while someone is downrange. Holstered seems to accomplish the same. I'm right there with you.
  13. Keeping your equipment secure at the range

    A few comments above about always having a loaded handgun on the bench, just in case, as well as slinging a rifle over your should when you go downrange. I wonder how that might jive with some club's rules about using open bolt indicators and no handling of firearms when anyone is downrange.
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