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  1. There's a new badass in town; "Mike from Massachusetts"

    Just not too hard or someone might lose a Croc.
  2. Police: Woburn Man Who Just Received License To Carry Accidentally Shoots Friend While Showing New Gun

    Don't worry; with that eye I'm sure he'll miss and stick it in her ass. [rofl]
  3. Called out for not wearing a mask

    I need a tooth extracted. Been waiting till they smarten up (probably never). Any referrals to a non mask dentist?
  4. ATF issues rule change proposal regarding pistol braces

    “Consuela”, my “housekeeper” will just have to become an “illegal alien”.
  5. MSP MIA?

    If you look around I95 and can’t find the a**h***; you’re the a**h***.
  6. Deals and steals

    https://mymedic.com/products/the-solo?variant=13599470420064 Get the advanced.
  7. Black Panter Shot In Head As She Goes On Drive By Shooting

    Black Panter? You watching Brazzers again, Rep?
  8. Called out for not wearing a mask

    My new patch.
  9. Called out for not wearing a mask

    File his picture under "retard" in the dictionary.
  10. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Should have spit in your hands, rubbed them together and said" All clean".
  11. NH: 619 DW guns in Merrimack NH visited by police for not enforcing [unlawful] mask edicts

    On a side note...its nice to see you guys on here.
  12. The prices you guys are charging for guns/ammo is absolute extortion

    Plot twist.....OP is Raptile’s alt account. 😂
  13. Called out for not wearing a mask

    A feel good story..... After dealing with the car dealer last night, the girl and I decided to run to Walmart down the street from us. We, of course, aren't muzzled. We walked by a lady and as we are just about to pass her, she stops us and asks " Do they stop you when you walk in not wearing a...
  14. Called out for not wearing a mask

    https://www.themaskmap.com/ A little help finding non Covidiots in NH.
  15. Officer-involved shooting leaves 16-year-old girl dead in Ohio

    These f***ing shit burglars remind me of ISIS sleeper cells. Lying in wait for the next “tragedy“.
  16. New member

    I read that as "he wouldn't rent me the other day"
  17. New member

    Are you a hot young Asian? If you are, have I got a friend for you..... [rofl]
  18. Sig P365 owners

    My almost 6 year old Glock 43 has keyholed since day one. My "gen 1" P365 does the same. Neither has had an issue with thousands of rounds through both. YMMV
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