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  1. Police: Woburn Man Who Just Received License To Carry Accidentally Shoots Friend While Showing New Gun

    https://boston.cbslocal.com/2021/06/13/alec-augustino-braz-woburn-accidental-shooting/?fbclid=IwAR2kUsooUSnxwwdzCSGQrvNSd1qFU-rtYDsdVw44jL0BlBc3ggUkvsO3rDs Seriously? Someone wasn't paying attention in class.
  2. Free state life

    Store down the street just posted this to Facebook Red exclamation point added (by me).
  3. Best all-around AR cartridge to build my next rifle for

    I have two AR-15 stripped lowers, and suppose it's time to start amassing parts to build at least one of them into a functional gun. Have two ARs already chambered for 5.56/.223 (.223 Wylde for both, actually), and a .308 AR. So I'd like to do something different, but it's got to fit the...
  4. Ruger to buy Marlin

  5. Upped my capacity from my MA cripple mags

    Muahaha! M&P9c always had 10+1. Figured it was about time to step up my free state game
  6. Yay I live in a 2A sanctuary county!

    Suck it, Maura.
  7. Good luck, turkey hunters

    Whack 'em.
  8. So far there have been SIX people who've been ERPO'd in MA

    Massachusetts judges have issued 6 ‘extreme risk’ orders under new law Anyone heard any of the details on these six cases? Were they appealed?
  9. Federal 1.75" shorty shells

    View: https://youtu.be/s80swBxJ_Es "They're short in stature but long in performance. Federal Premium's new Shorty shotshell loads are 1¾" shells loaded with either No. 8 shot, No. 4 buckshot or a rifled slug, depending on your use." What does this do to people in MA with "five round...
  10. Glock (and others) square trigger guard

    One of the things I've never liked about (the looks of) Glocks is the squared-off trigger guard. It just looks "odd" to me and is maybe one (admittedly stupid, probably) reason I don't own a Glock. I get that it's designed so you can grab it with your support hand/finger to help steady the...
  11. Add Concealed Carry reciprocity to must-pass First Step Act

    Saw this on Emily Miller's Facebook & Twitter feed. Miller suggested: A Virginia Republican replied: Rollin Reisinger‏ @RollinReisinger Replying to @EmilyMiller Current thinking seems to be adding it on to the must-pass First Step Act. Not sure that gets it to 60 in the Senate, but would...
  12. Cape Cod man shoots pit bull that was biting him. Guns confiscated.

    Massachusetts man shoots, kills pit bull that bit him in bed What the Hell? If no charges have been filed, why would they take his guns? Seems like legitimate self-defense. If you can't shoot a dog that's biting you in your own bed, what CAN you shoot???
  13. Vortex VIP Lifetime Warranty

    Just a quick attaboy for Vortex. I have an older (at least six years old??) Vortex Strikefire Red/Green dot sight. Sometime in the last few months the on/off switch died. The same switch also changes it from red to green and back. It wouldn't shut off, and was stuck on 'red'. Only way to...
  14. Blue states, gun control groups pile on to overturn open carry legal win

    Blue states, gun control groups pile on to overturn open carry legal win 9th Circuit ruled against Hawaii. NJ AG Grewal wrote an amicus brief "states rights derp." Anyone wanna tell Maura that open carry isn't illegal in MA?
  15. AR (M-LOK) mounted light/laser. Which?

    After the recent Florence bug-out shenanigans, I got to thinking about my SHTF AR Carbine, and when & if I might ever need to use it for what it was built for. Does anyone run a light with (green) laser combo on their AR? Don't think I want one built into a vertical foregrip. Nor do I want a...
  16. What's the best caliber / ammo for looters post-Florence?

    We're getting about as ready as we can be for Hurricane Florence here in coastal North Carolina. Please keep us in your thoughts as you see it come ashore. As you're watching the TV coverage, look for Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, and other towns on the southern end of the outer banks. I'm...
  17. Since I live in a free state and am spiteful against gun-grabbing libtards

    Assuming I get spousal approval, what should I buy? I don't own a full-size handgun other than my Sig 1911 .45. I also have an M&P9c, and a k-frame S&W 66-8 4.25". Would like something that takes a 15- or 17-round mag before the whole frickin' country goes full-on crazy and I get limited to...
  18. Why won't gun owners compromise?

    Seeking the meme or text of all the compromises we've already "compromised" on, from 1934 to now, to help in a discussion about why we're not particularly interested in losing more of our rights. I've seen a good list recently but can't seem to find it. This death by a thousand cuts is...
  19. AR-15 Bolt catch spring launched into orbit

    Anyone got a spare you could mail to me in NC? I've been crawling around for an hour looking for it. It's just.... gone. Brownell's sells the individual spring, but it seems silly to buy one on-line and pay shipping... TIA.
  20. What's best for golf course carry? Coyotes attack man and dog in Milton.

    Owner and dog attacked by coyotes while out for walk
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