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  1. School me on binos

    any differences to the model of 2 yrs back ?? Those were rated pretty well, especially in price class. Wondering if there were improvements and/or any cheapening of components / mfg quality
  2. Opinion please: 357 magnum or sig

    Fully Agree. There are many calibers that perform a ‘more than adequate’ in a self defense role. But when you can have a highly effective self defense round in Both a nice revolver and lever action carbine it expands the utility of tour ammo spend. That seems to be a Win-Win to me.
  3. The once unthinkable now assured?

    This right here is the root of the problem.... Its a Value Judgment based on 1 persons perception of need.... I am fine with folks making their own value judgment of and for themselves, But as soon as anyone tries to substitute their value judgment for my own, that is the very definition on...
  4. Contemplating Moving to a More Free State

    FPrice has it right - Its not just Which State, but which City / County in that state. There are current and still active NES'rs from each of the states you're considering. Get the inside scoop. I've lived in OH, CO, CA, SC, NC, as well as MA and spent some months in TX too, but not as...
  5. Neill Tassel got my 2A Rights RESTORED!! First gun purchase coming soon. Recs!?

    FWIW - I'd visit the Palmetto State Armory Folks in Summerville / Ladsen. They get a bad wrap on here because they wont deliver innocuous stuff in to MA, but i've found them to be good folks and have small indoor range at their Summerville / Ladsen location. Worth a visit
  6. Motivational Mega Thread

    Times are tough on multiple fronts. It is undeniably Not all sunshine and roses, and more difficult for some than others We've plenty of threads covering the range of economic, political, virus and Anti-American rhetoric, difficulties and challenges, this thread is for encouragement, support...
  7. Car Advice for Son at Ft Bragg

    Good advice from the .mil community familiar with Ft Bragg. Only thing I’ll add is the the closest thing to NES is “www.carolinafirearmsforum.com” not nearly as rich a community or active membership as NES but the better of the regional alternatives.
  8. PCC people

    My BIL got one of these: Faxon Bantam 16" 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine put a red dot on it and has a large ragged hole shooter at 59-65 yd max of the field he shoots in. His purpose is home defense / riot control and anything outside 50-75 yd is questionable anyway. So recapping, cheap to run...
  9. DC 2ndA Code bans CCW

    Let’s remember and remind DC Police that 2A says “The right of the people to BEAR ARMS shall not be infringed”. Not the right to bear pistols or rifles... should BLM (Antifa, or any of the other miscreants) bring pikes, spears, frozen water battles, fireworks, lasers and/or any of the other...
  10. School me on Lever Actions (please?)

    Got eMail on this last night - My oh My that Case hardened .357 Carbine, Big Loop Lever looks AWESOME > > Group Buy ??? Need to think about this and .357 Wheel gun as a pair... Any favorites on the revolver ?
  11. midway usa

    just got this: Good Price, Quick Delivery, Good All around performance from M-USA The thing works like a charm too.
  12. NRA’s Cleans House/downward spiral megathread, Update post 567 NRA Staffer Used $40K in NRA Money to Pay for Family Wedding

    Finally - Something worthwhile from the NRA: Good Guy with a Gun or YouTube if you don't like tweety birds NRA- Good Guy with a Gun
  13. Holster recommendations

    Anyone here use the Urban Carry “Lock Leather” IWB ?
  14. First time AR 15 owner needs help.

    If you are truly not wanting to keep the guard, get a pipe cutter from your Home Depot list his, Cut it off, see what underneath.. $22, In Stock
  15. Deals and steals

    Out of curiousity ... what’s the bonus rate for proper use of ‘Wingnut’ ?
  16. How many would you need to feel safe ?

    Don’t mind me... ima just gonna 📝 for later reference Continue on
  17. Former Teacher has seen the light. A must watch!

    Sent it to my daughter. She is a bout 3-4 years behind the speaker in her life exploration and learning Thx
  18. Sears 1897 catalogue Handguns + Rifles (Air, Bicycle, Floberts and Repeaters)

    So where do I send my order for the Colt Govt Double action .44. 5 1/2” barrel ? $13.75. I think I can swing that
  19. Dinesh D'Souza says recent riots and political unrest could lead to 'rise of citizen militias around the country'

    To try and untangle a bit, based on my own experiences and training as i worked for a Japanese company for several years... Japanese see 'being Japanese' as being part of a race. You're born in to it, They are very proud and conservative in this view or Japanese identity. One can sort of...
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