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  1. Holsters for USPSA Limited Division

    Yeah Rudy is big.. but Team Bacon's application is shorter and they are accepting now. The team is growing leaps and bounds. Only requirement is occasional posting while drunk on forums.
  2. MASS Classic- Great match

    That sucks Mike. Honestly, it's hard for me to say this publicly… but you took it like a man. I was impressed you weren't running around pissing and moaning. True GM class. ;)
  3. MASS Classic- Great match

    To all that set up and helped at this match- thank you so much. You picked some wonderful weather and put together a great match. I'll admit I kept getting the urge to go tape, but after a while it was nice to just sit and watch. I know this put an extra load on an already busy staff so I...
  4. USPSA @ New Bedford - Sunday 5/25/14

    Action sports seem to be growing like crazy, good for the competition, bad for delays. You guys always move things along quite nicely.
  5. manville uspsa match 5/18

    That's an amazing amount of work you've put in. Thanks.
  6. USPSA @ New Bedford - Sunday 5/25/14

    Well done by the NB crew! A good mix of all the stuff I need to work on!
  7. I want to start doing IDPA, how to start?

    Damn Mike- that was weak. I was hoping for better so we could keep this going.
  8. I want to start doing IDPA, how to start?

    And lookie here.. we still have people using the same ol IDPA isn't tactical enough… oh my. Zzzzz
  9. I want to start doing IDPA, how to start?

    As an ambassador of USPSA- I'm kinda disappointed to hear Rob bash other action sports on such a regular basis. That's not cool and it's getting long in the tooth.
  10. I want to start doing IDPA, how to start?

    John, 8th grade??? Mike is a mental defect and never went to school. I'm not one to agree with everyone about IDPA stuff, but just look at these guys that have nothing better to do than troll the IDPA threads. It's kinda sad really. Rob and Mike seem to be the first people that jump in… kinda...
  11. MWT IDPA Practices?

    +1 to what Aaron says. The problem is when you set up a weekly practice you HAVE TO HAVE people that can run the practice every week- there in lies the rub. Lot of people couldn't get out of work in time, etc. so it bombed. Doing an indoor AND and outdoor practice puts a large strain on the...
  12. Steel Challenge World Shoot

    Holy crap! That is some serious jingle!!!
  13. Steel Challenge World Shoot

    I don't understand. Switching the major match to a new location and date is enough to kill the sport? Must be more going on.
  14. 2014 USPSA Area 7 Championship - Registration open

    Maybe a good place to start is to determine what is the biggest drain on people/clubs? -Stage Design -Stage Set up -ROing (Timer/Scoring) -Break Down and put away props -Scoring -General match directing/planing stuff Scoring seems to be going great with the new electric system- hopefully that...
  15. 2014 USPSA Area 7 Championship - Registration open

    Donna- you have always been very friendly and welcoming for sure! And I appreciate it a ton. I felt bad when I skipped out early instead of waiting for the other squad to finish to help break down. I won't let that happen again. [sad] But I think more people can step up to help break the...
  16. 2014 USPSA Area 7 Championship - Registration open

    Let me chime in on this if I can. I understand that Al- it's not easy. And for major matches because of the rules, there isn't much you can do. But I'm thinking that if local matches were a little easier for the staff- general burn out wouldn't be as much of a problem? My philosophy- is that...
  17. 2014 S&W IDPA indoor nationals

    Mike- I didn't intent to imply you were complaining or hating anyone. Others will know what I mean.
  18. 2014 USPSA Area 7 Championship - Registration open

    There are so many clubs offering USPSA locally, including a couple newer clubs- Hopkinton, Sig, along with the existing- Manville, HSC, Monson, BUAS, NB, Bass, and Maine . This is compounded by the fact that many clubs also provide other shooting activities such as Steel Challenge, IDPA...
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