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  1. MSP BFS Instructors Question about Certificates

    hey all, I'm considering adding a live fire component to my HFS Class and wanted to note on the Certificate that the class included such. What's the typical wording used to accomplish this? I don't recall this being discussed in my Instructor material. Thanks!
  2. NRA Membership Sale at Midway

    https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/1307154157/nra-membership 5 year is $100 (normally 140) Lifetime is $600 (normally 1500) Seems like a moderately good deal.
  3. No Space Bar functionality?

    When I do a quick reply, reply, or reply to a message, the space bar doesn't function until I enter to go to a new line. This just started recently and over multiple computers, chrome browser. Any one else seeing this?
  4. Alternative LTC Qualifying Courses

    There's a number of other courses listed as meeting the BFS requirements. Anyone have information on getting authorized to teach courses besides the NRA ones?
  5. WV gets Constitutional Carry!

    After a hard fought battle, West Virginia has Constitutional Carry after overriding the Governor's Veto. In 90 Days (end of May), any one in the state of West Viriginia (resident or non-resident) not otherwise prohibited may conceal carry a firearm...
  6. Today was a great day!

    A bit of history before the actual reason why today was a great day. Back in 2012 or early 2013, I was just getting back into firearms and shooting. In my enthusiasm to share my new found and very enjoyable hobby, I asked my daughter (appoximately 13 yo) to go with to Manchester Firing Line...
  7. Looking for a Club/Range for a Vet event.

    *Mods : If this is the wrong forum, please move to the appropriate one* I have a friend who's involved in a local Veteran support organization. He's looking to do an event in Mass for some of their member Vets. Anyone have suggestions on a club/range that might be willing to host such a...
  8. Captcha when editing a post

    I tried to add a quote/reply to a post and got a captcha prompt. Something about Cloud Flare. Is this normal?
  9. S&W Magazine - help identifying

    In the attached photo there are three M&P magazines. Smallest sits flush in a 9c Largest sits flush in a 9 FS What the hell is the middle mag for? Sticks out of the 9c and doesn't lock in on the 9 FS. Thanks!
  10. Maine Non-Res Application Question

    Filling out my non-res app and it's asking for the list of permits. Who is the Issuing Authority for the MA LTC? My Local City? Do I have to mail the mental health auth form to the goofy address or send it in with my app? Directions say send them both in.
  11. FNG - Recipe Question

    Okay, so I took Eddie Coyle's class already and I'm at the point where I want to make some ammo (duh) I have two books, Lyman's 49th and Modern Reloading by Richard Lee 2nd edition. I also have Powder : Titegroup Projectile : Hornady 9mm 115gr FMJ RN (...
  12. S&W SD Trigger Reset Question

    Hello my technical friends! I have two S&W SD pistols, SD40VE and SD9VE The SD40VE, I have done the Apex Trigger Spring Kit on. Have shot it a good amount, probably 200+ rounds. When I dry fire it and ease out the trigger, I do not feel a trigger reset, but I can see the sear still moving...
  13. WTB Cisco ASA

    I know there's a bunch of computer professionals on the board. I'm trying to build a lab to help mentor my team / friends learn new stuff. To that end, I'm looking for some Cisco ASAs (5505s are fine) that are relatively cheap... probably up to three of them, for under what I can get them on...
  14. Reloading Checklist

    As I collect the final items to get started reloading, I'm thinking about the process. Does anyone have a checklist of things to do when reloading? Something like Reminders of what you should be doing at each step?
  15. Target Viewer System

    Reading a report from SHOT 14, they took a brief look at the TargetViewer system. for the lazy or very long distance shooters, it gives you the ability to check your target from the bench, with it being viewable on a device (ipad, iphone, tablet, whatever). While I understand the research into...
  16. Unbelievable! Another state releases a map of gun owners!

    Apparently Montana has released a map of all gun owners, and several other states (like Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Texas) are following suit shortly. http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/report-montana-releases-map-of-all-gun-owners_11112013
  17. Unable to block slickguns

    Not sure why but it won't let me block posts from slickguns.
  18. Starbucks caves to the Anti's!

    From the document below, it appears starbucks, once the bastion for common sense business practices concerning firearms, has changed it's policy and "no longer welcomes weapons" in their locations. Of course, they're not going to ask you to leave until some moonbat complains.
  19. Front Sight Base/Block

    I'm looking for a decent AR15 Front Sight Gas Block without the bayonlet lug that I can easily install myself. Taper Pins? Set Screws? Halp!
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