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  1. Crossbow

  2. Crossbow

    Thank u, thats less then 5 miles from where I live
  3. Crossbow

    Probably way over discussed, but, I would love to buy a crossbow for only target practice in my back yard, where can I buy one in ma? Do not want to hunt or do anything else but shoot arrows into a bag.
  4. "Lone Survivor" movie 2013

    Don't know if this has been posted before but one of the best books I have ever read, "Lone Survivor" by Marcus Luttrell is finally going to be made a movie. Peter Berg is slated to direct I hope it is as awesome as the book. Imdb says it should be started January 12' an released in 13'
  5. Extremely warm shooting gloves appropriate for handgun use?

    5.11, great cold weather, genuine leather gloves, I don't leave home without them
  6. Chiappa Rhino .357 MAG

    This is quite the interesting new gun. Just read the new Combat Handguns kinda cool, needs a laser in the forehead waisted space, but neat. http://chiappafirearms.com/product/725
  7. Any one dealt with www.apextac.com?

    I have a Hakko Tacpoint (Aimpoint knock off) that I bought for $100 about 5 years ago and have it on my RRA Tactical it has never lost zero, never runs low on batteries, has been soakin wet and dropped and still functions flawlessly. I am not in Iraq or Afghan., proper but it accuratley helps...
  8. Any one dealt with www.apextac.com?

    Oh, I see. Thanks.
  9. Any one dealt with www.apextac.com?

    They seem to have ACOG's and Eotech's for $80 are these real or is this a scam? It looks like everything ships out of China or some where in Asia and u can use Paypal. www.apextac.com
  10. Gun shop owners' help sought to stop suicides

    This his how Worcester's Chief ran Boston Gun Range out of town a few years back.
  11. VIDEO: Impact guns/Drool

  12. AR bolt issue

    It's only been fired 3 times. The catch does move all the way up but want hold.
  13. AR bolt issue

    When my bolt is open and I shake my rifle hard to the side or up and down the bolt closes. I am also having problems with locking the bolt back, takes a few times before it catches. Any suggestions on whats going on?
  14. Ballistic computer for you I-Phone

  15. Name one movie or TV show...

    What about the bad guy in Shootem Up?
  16. Ruger SR9

    I like the one with the black slide and OD frame. I was looking at there website and they have supposedly fixed the issue with a Glock look alike trigger. I'm sure the trigger pull sucks but by watching a few of the video's they have available, the gun looks pretty good and they say they could...
  17. Time to change the undies

    Holy SHIT!!!!!!
  18. T&G: Gun range opponents say they are targeted

    I don't think there website has great mod's like ours, plus I don't see racial profiling going on here. It all depends on the reputation's of the site and posters and here is a great site.
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