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  1. WTS Scroll Saw $150

    $150 Practically new. Been sitting on the workbench. Used once. Not really my thing. Making space on the bench. “RYOBI introduces the 1.2 Amp Corded 16 in. Scroll Saw. The 16 in. Scroll Saw features a 16 in. maximum cutting capacity and easy, tool-free blade changes. Its cast aluminum...
  2. SOLD Kid's Bear Bow $40

    Bear Brave bow. 4 arrows. Quiver, arm guard, case. Barely used. Great for about 8-12 yrs old with 15-25# draw weight and 13.5-19" draw length. $40. Roughly $100 to purchase new.
  3. Women on Target Class 9/11/2021 in Wrentham

    our first event in 2019 was a big success. Sadly we had to cancel last year's. We're back on this September. Pics from our 2019 event (2019 WOT). See flyer to sign up. It would really help out if you could print out the flyer and post at your club. Thanks
  4. Any experience with electronic dog collars

    wife was out with the dog today and saw a guy using an e-collar to train his dog. Was wondering if anyone here had any experience with one.. thanks.
  5. SOLD Cast Iron Skillets

    Two 10-inch vintage cast iron skillets. Old CI skillets were meant to fit the opening in old wood cooking stoves. The old ones with the lids covering the "burners"... so the diameters of the cooking surfaces are 8.5 inches, while the upper rim to rim diameters are 10". Both are recently...
  6. WTS Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18"

    I spent the morning putting together Masterbilt smoker at the Amateur Fish this morning. Realizing how crappy their lower end electric and propane smokers are for $150ish, I recalled that I had a 2nd WSM that is not being used. This is an older model that doesn't have the embedded...
  7. Bow question

    If we had an archery forum, this would go there. this might be a stupid question... bear with me.. I'm no archery expert.. bought my right handed son a bow for Christmas... ordered a Diamond Infinite Edge RH compound bow. Package from Diamond Archery came and said RH on the label.. Take...
  8. Winter Day hiking prep

    Wife went hiking with a friend up in the Royalston area yesterday. Comes home late and tells me how they got a little disoriented and walked in circles.. Cold made the phone die, and luckily they came across a group of local hikers that showed them the way back.. The never panicked, but did get...
  9. Reloading Components Source? (E. Mass.)

    There's a W Mass thread but no E. Mass. Say.. East of Worcester, and shops on the RI/MA and NH/MA lines. So many LGS do not carry reloading stuff. I know Cabela's, Bass Pro, and Shooting Supply in Westport all do. What are some other stores carrying a good selection of supplies in normal times?
  10. 1st loading nerves

    just about ready to load the powder and seat the bullets in my first rounds of 30-06 for my Garand. Problem is I'm a bit nervous. Hearing so many stories of blown up guns and problems has me a bit leery. Esp with a 75 yr old gun. I've read and read, and asked a boatload of questions here...
  11. Herr Raimondo on the assault again

    Raimondo issues executive order extending firearm background check from 7 days to 30 What are the odds that she extends the order past April 19th?
  12. SW22 Victory issue

    so finally got to get out to the range to try out the new gun. Gun seemed real nice.. no problems with the Rem Bucket ammo I had on hand. one thing that was annoying me was that the manual safety kicked on after every shot. A quick Google search says this is a problem with the safety lever...
  13. NRA Women on Target 5/30 (postponed)

    Ladies, It is with great regret that we must postpone the May 30th Women on Target event due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Under the Governor's orders, all clubs and ranges are currently closed, as well as all face-to-face firearms training classes. Although on-line training is starting to become...
  14. Optic for SW22 Victory

    I picked up an SW22 Victory at Shooters Supply on Friday. $328 out the door, but gun has the basic sights. Looking to add a budget red dot to make it a decent plinker/trainer gun for newbs. Not looking to spend more than $100 on the optic. I know I'm not looking at Eotech or Vortex at this...
  15. RI Rally 1/23

    FYI From Competition Shooting Supplies in Pawtucket FB post. Didn't see this posted yet.. https://www.facebook.com/CompetitionShootingSupplies/ Think it hasn’t gotten “real” yet? Next week, during her State of the State speech, our Governor will attempt to drive home some the most restrictive...
  16. Help me spend my money

    Ok.. I got some gift cards for Xmas. Trying to decide between getting into reloading, or picking up a 22 pistol (S&W Victory probably). I currently don't have a 22 pistol. The only reloading caliber I would need right now would be the 30-06 Garand loads, and I can find them for 60-70 cents/rd...
  17. CMP Club Membership

    just poking around the CMP website. My club (Wrentham) isn't a member club, but seeing that BSA Troops can be member orgs. Anyone here a CMP rep for their club that can fill me in on the practical pros/cons of being a CMP club?
  18. Hunter assaulted

    Busted.... although with an ATV, probably wasn't an anti-hunting moonbat.. https://www.newbedfordguide.com/massachusetts-environmental-police-running-over-hunter/2019/11/17?fbclid=IwAR3iKRKtHPFv5cK0XVqSvRXE6OvZ-B45bJFfPwfIgPiJP5Mevlgf0Au9doU
  19. Brandishing as a deterrent. Michigan case

    interesting analysis.. albeit limited Michigan Gun Owners Case Shows Right to Armed Self-Defense Is Broader Than You Might Think | National Review
  20. NRA Women on Target Event 9/14

    Wrentham Sportsman Club is running this event on the 14th of September. Registrations limited to 25 women. http://www.wsaclub.com/WOT_Flyer.pdf View: https://www.facebook.com/events/2217198278535572/
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