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  1. MG42 Exploded Parts Diagram

    Anyone have a link for where I can find one? My mobile Google-fu seems to be uncharacteristically weak. (No we did not get something for the New Acquisitions thread)
  2. SSC / Savage Service Corporation?

    Hey all, Ran across a rifle today that appears to be a modified Savage - the Savage buttplate is still there, but all the maker's identifiying marks were removed and the serial number is now "SSC00xx" with a VERY low x. The owner swore it was a "Savage Service Corporation" rifle, but I...
  3. AK boys chime in

    How much of a good idea is this? I like Made in America and yay small businesses, so yay for that. But the kits don't have barrels and gas tubes...is this a problem? Especially if importation fiats issue from the White House? 100% Made in USA AK Rifles & Parts Kits Coming |...
  4. ARs & Small Hands

    As a petite female with arms and hands to scale, I'm always on the lookout for guns & parts that allow me a more ergonomic shooting experience. Found a new one today. We had a Stag 3L come in today sporting a DiamondHead VR-S T (or TD - haven't deciphered the terminology that far yet)...
  5. Life north of the border is good.

    The shop has been open one week. In this week, we have had two state level politicians into the shop - not campaigning, not because we know the right people, just because they want to buy gun stuff. The second one walked in and had questions about his carry gun. Which he was carrying at the...
  6. National News - S374

    Start calling your legiscritters people...this makes Mass look gun friendly http://www.pagunblog.com/2013/03/12/we-have-language-for-s-374-the-transfer-ban/
  7. Fodder for your arguments

    I know a lot of people are out there singing the gospel to the uninformed and antis. Just ran across this on my lunch break and thought it might be useful to you all: http://www.pagunblog.com/2013/01/25/taking-away-the-supply-of-guns/
  8. A shooting form question for the rifle gurus

    Short version: Can you recommend a supporting hand position (while shooting rifles when stationary) for someone with reduced wrist extension ability? Long version: My rifle shooting has never been particularly impressive. I spent years shooting Bullseye pistol and have a good grasp of sight...
  9. The ones in Wisconsin worth remembering

    http://thelawdogfiles.blogspot.com/2012/08/wisconsin.html Well put.
  10. Good Review of Eye Protection

    I think they did a good job. I also think I need to go shopping! http://www.luckygunner.com/labs/eye-protection-shooting-glasses-review/
  11. Magpul knockoffs

    First I heard of this, passing along the intel... http://booksbikesboomsticks.blogspot.com/2012/07/cheap-copy-of-what.html
  12. Longest firing pin?

    I have another silly idea brewing and it will require a long firing pin...what's the longest reasonably available firing pin you are aware of? I'll pay a bit for an oddball that would work, but if it is for an 1834 Obscura Unobtanium and will take me 5 years to track one down...not so helpful...
  13. Clament Thigh Holster - my experience

    A few people knew I had one of these incoming and were interested in my thoughts once I got it, so I figured I'd just share with everyone. Also, before we beginning, you can post: [pics] all you want, pictures of me with the thigh holster aren't happening unless the holster is completely...
  14. For all the tacticool operators

    The newest thing http://ballistatactical.com/store/index.php?product=NRR-24807 Do watch the video. [smile]
  15. Recommendations for Pennsylvania Hunting?

    We will need to be traveling to the Pittsburgh area this fall and would like to spend a few days hunting on our way back. Our primary objective is boar hunting and we're interested in the possibility of spending a day upland hunting afterwards. Anyone have any recommendations/warnings for game...
  16. Steel Bases for Picatinny rail?

    So Adam and I have a ridiculously awesome little side project in mind and need two steel bases for mounting things on a rail. Something like what you see at the following links.. http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=40778/Product/LOW-PROFILE-SLING-MOUNT...
  17. Girl's gun

    http://boingboing.net/2012/02/07/the-omg-ar15-unicorn-zombie-gu.html They just might have gone a little over the top with this. I love it. :D
  18. If you liked the Hornady ZombieMax ammo...

    You are going to love this: [laugh][laugh]
  19. Terminal Ballistics

    The end result of getting hit with a .223. Before clicking, be aware that the images are graphic (duh, or there wouldn't be point to them). If you like watching the surgery shows on TV, click away. If you pass out when the nurse takes your blood sample, move along, nothing for you to see here.
  20. Laser Engraving Continued

    So some of you may have seen my EPR. Yes, that's a pink & pink digicamo AR. And I keep bubblegum in the Stark grip just because. [laugh] This was my first AR build and Adam and I did the Duracoat job together. Last spring, Weapon Iconography helped me officially christen it as the EPR...
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