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  1. FAL Build Tools needed

    Hi, Does anyone have a FAL receiver wrench and headspace pin gauges that I can borrow or rent from you? I am installing a new barrel on my FAL and would prefer not to buy these since I will only need them this once. Thanks, Brian
  2. FAL Build In Progress !UPDATED 4-22-2009!

    Vic, did you get that headspaced yet? I am interested to hear how those pins from MSC worked out for you. The are a real bargain over the headspace rod that Brownells sells
  3. Question for the FAL guys..

    If you have a standard inch flash hider, five gas vents with a bayo lug underneath and just behind that a small half circle protrusion, sorry no pic. then the half circle has a pin through the center which holds a indexing washer in place. This washer extends into a cut in the barrel holding it...
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