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  1. PA Shooting NOT at Temple University

    Can't find the live stream. The cops keep talking about it on the scanner
  2. PA Shooting NOT at Temple University

    Shooter is live streaming this on Facebook according to Philly PD scanner
  3. PA Shooting NOT at Temple University

    Philadelphia Police - Citywide Live Audio Feed
  4. Carry pistol ? Reliability?

    Other is going to win this poll
  5. So much for CA "GUN LAWS" keeping you safe!!!

    The news coverage on this today was almost non-existent
  6. Mousegun vs Tractor Trailer

    How many commando rolls are you performing before you shoot into the trucks engine block?
  7. Russian Ambassador shot in Turkey

    Closer shot of the gun
  8. Russian Ambassador shot in Turkey

    It the video the gunman yells " allahu akbar " a couple times *WARNING If you don't like seeing people getting killed
  9. Robbery question..

    I would also be interested in this friendly meeting
  10. An intruder is at your door

    Duck and cover behind large, heavy gun safe. When intruder gets close, push the gun safe on top of him
  11. Emerging precedence - decorating your gun?

    Mesa Police Officer Philip Brailsford
  12. Boston LEO shot in Dorchester

    How did he get the job over Gross?
  13. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    Weymouth should be listed as green now
  14. Authorities Respond to Report of ’20 Victim Shooting’ Incident in San Bernardino

    and why is she calling fox news from the closet?
  15. Shootout and explosions in Paris...

    Carabiner AMD - 5.56 mm / French prison / Police Nationale - CRS. French version of the American brand RUGER carbine - model MINI 14. Caliber 5.56 mm - 5.56 x 45 / removable magazine of 20 cartridges. Versatile individual long's police gun. Manufacture and markings: STURM RUGER & Co. Inc...
  16. Shootout and explosions in Paris...

    Fox scrolled dismembered body/bodies.
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