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  1. Colossal AR Failure

    So, I have a .300 blackout pistol. And several AR's in .223 wylde. I only put blackout ammo in aluminum 20 round mags, the poodle rounds go in Pmags. Just my method.
  2. Colossal AR Failure

    what I meant by my comment is that I don't see a need for a JP adjustable gas block for a "standard" 16" non sbr, non suppressed build.
  3. Colossal AR Failure

    Looks an awful like a .300 blackout round was fired in a 5.56 chamber... also, why an adjustible gasblock on an unsuppressed non sbr? wanted the gucci stuff? His rifle reeks of wish parts.
  4. Polymer ammo, for the nth time

    It's pretty impressive. Been there and had a tour.
  5. 80 Percent Glocks (Polymer 80)

    Last one I did I sent the paperweight to atomic engraving. They did fantastic work and turn around was super fast. Once I got it back, I clipped, drilled, and assembled.
  6. New member

    I lived in Loring back in the early 80's
  7. New old member

    Been a long while since I was green. Paid membership through paypal.
  8. Not your daddy's airgun

    my benjamin doesn't seem to have a stamp. I'll look at it closer. But it's been a fantastic, but heavy rifle. And a heck of a shooter for the past two years.
  9. Not your daddy's airgun

    I've got a benjamin marauder in .22. I love that thing. I've been wanting a .25 cal FX. And i'd be full of crap if I didn't say I'd been looking hard at the seneca dragon claw .50 cal with the arrows. But I have been following and waiting for the Umarex Hammer .50 repeater to be released...
  10. Harris BiPod picatinny conversion

    Larue makes one as well
  11. Guns you find cool just not at their price point

    My LGS has a Calico M100 sitting in the used rack. Slick old thing with wood stock and forend. I don't know if it's because I'd see them advertised all the time in the 1980's, or that it's what the troopers had in spaceballs. But a part of me nearly buys it every time I'm in there. Must be...
  12. Bolt carrier got hung up

    I played with one of those fail zero carrier / bolt combo's. Total trash. The coating started flaking off inside of 100 rounds.
  13. Classic Firearms is giving away a Barrett M82A1

    Last week I was at one of the local gun shops. Called “the hub” And they had ammo cans of mil ball .50 BMG
  14. Classic Firearms is giving away a Barrett M82A1

    I prefer to think about it like all the other spendy pursuits we all take up. Yes match ammo and “special” fun ammo is fantastically expensive, milsurp ball ammo is still pretty easy to locate, and doesn’t hurt too badly. Also it’s like having a 10mm right now in that the local shops still...
  15. Anybody handload 45 ACP with Berry's Plated RN 230 gr using Autocomp powder?

    It’s a radar cone that you tell how far away your muzzle is. And you have to arm it before your muzzle blast will trigger it.
  16. Which Red Dot For My Ruger PCC

    I picked up a holosun like this one at the LGS for $205. Put it on my .22 upper. I actually like it a lot. https://holosun.com/index/product/detail/id/134.html
  17. Classic Firearms is giving away a Barrett M82A1

    The current raffle is for the big .50 that everyone wants. https://wn.nr/A6rWBp
  18. Thoughts on SBR vs no SBR

    I’m in AZ, so my reasons are fairly simple. I’m also skinny with short arms. So the “pistol brace” saves me $200 for picking up more ammo.
  19. 6.5 Grendel magazines

    At the front, to modify the feed lips. I’ll fire up my desktop and see if I can find it again. best bet being in MA, would be to source 7.62x39 AR mags. (Parent case being PPC which also is 7.62x39) And it will function well.
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