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  1. Biden wants supreme court to authorize police to be able to enter your home seize guns without a warrant.

  2. Mother died, Stepfather has to leave the house in California and wants me to have his guns

    So my mom died in June. The house she lived in with my stepdad is in California. He has a shotgun, a 22 rifle and a pellet gun. He wants me to have them. He has to be out of the house in 2 months so we have some time to figure this out. Can he ship them to me via UPS or does he...
  3. Iowa 2020 or 2021

    My buddy and I have 3 preference points. We are starting to look for a place to hunt. Some zones need 3 to draw and some need 4 points. So we are looking at 2020 or 2021 season. We are contemplating DIY, Leasing and outfitters. We would love to get in a situation sharing land with other hunters...
  4. LTC issue date

    A friend of mine just recieved his LTC A renewal without restrictions with an issue date of Nov 23 2017. He is under the impression the LTC is not valid until that date and he will continue to fall under the restrictions of his current LTC (Target and Hunting) Seems legit I guess...
  5. Ma Residant with CT and Ma LTCs

    Having the Mass and CT permits am I able to legally purchase guns in CT without having to transfer to a Mass FFL before taking possession?
  6. New pup/bird dog

    Picked up an 8 month old springer this weekend from a local breeder. He has great lines out of a hunting breeder in the midwest. Super energetic, smart and really likes the kids. Lota work to do to get him ready. Very excited to go play with him!
  7. Open seat friday CT river. Shad / Stripers

    Heading out of the chicopee launch (medina st) @ first light. Reply in this thread if you would like to go. Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk
  8. Holosight on an AR?

    Thinking of putting holosight a friend has on my flattop upper. Anyone used one? Will it clamp right to the rail or will I need a mount? Thanks!
  9. WWLP poll on Linsky's bill

    Get over there and vote!! Half way down the page on the right. http://www.wwlp.com/
  10. It is starting to happen!

    Shot a four pointer tonight. Had a little doe come out and kept looking back. Buck came out of the swamp and started pestering her. She wanted nothing to do with him. Grunted and bleated at them. He followed her a bit more then came back to see what the grunting and bleating was. Bad...
  11. Savage 720 question for a friend

    My friend asked me this. I dont own one nor have ever so I cannot help him.
  12. Central Mass pond

    Working the new job I work 5 pm to 5 am so I have started towing the boat to work and heading out right after when I dont have to work the next day. Makes it a bit rough as I am up a bit over 30 hours by the time I sleep again but I would rather be out livin life than sleeeping anyways. On...
  13. Webster Lake 4/17 and 4/21

    Headed out to webster lake last tuesday with the kids and then again saturday for our first club tournament. This spring is crazy with the water temps so high already. The wind was blowing like snot on tuesday when we launched at 9 am. I didnt do much fishin myself, mostly helped the...
  14. Opening day

    It was a great morning. I didn't know what to expect. The wind was cranking as I got out of the truck. I got in my stand for 6 am and the wind died shorty after and made it was pretty nice. It started to get light and the squirrels and birds started working on the acorns in the branches...
  15. Transfer from an individual who's LTC has lapsed.

    I have an aquaintance who once had a LTC but he has let it lapse and no longer wants to renew it. He has a pistol he wants to give to me. Do I need to bring it and him to an FFL or can we just fill out a FA-10 and be done with it?
  16. Buying Kruggerands

    My brother in law wants to give me cash to buy him three 1 oz kruggerands. Says he cant or shouldn't buy more from the guy he has been buying from but wants to work around it by having me to do it. I am seeing red flags but dont know if they are founded or not. Am I exposing myself to tax...
  17. another great afternoon on stand

    Nov 10th Cloudy and 49 degrees Mountain Property I got onto the site at 1 pm today. After being disturbed by the walkers yesterday I knew I had to relocate to someplace the deer would feel safe. I dropped my stuff off at where I sat yesterday and proceeded to walk a 300 yard...
  18. Lucky 13th sit

    Sit Lucky number 13 Golf course stand Nov 4th afternoon sit Rainy and 40ish I debated not even going this evening with the hard rain but the weather channel forcast that the rain would subside around 5 pm. So I got on stand at 3, raining pretty good. The...
  19. Trail cam check 10/13/10

    From 3 different properties I hunt Property 1 Prop 2 Prop 3
  20. Big Mass buck!!

    A friend of mine got this guy on camera.... [shocked]
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