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  1. Ammo purchase after 6PM?

    Any shops on the southshore sell ammo after 6PM? Hunters in Weymouth and Sportsmans Den in Quincy close at 6PM. The local Walmarts do not stock ammo. Looking local in the Weymouth area.
  2. Ammo issue or gun issue question

    I bought a Glock 29 a couple years back. It was examined, cleaned and put away. Gun looked great in my opinion. It has been in my safe till tonight. I did change stock springs to a 4lb Striker, 6lb Trigger, Reduced Power Safety Plunger Spring. First 5 rounds felt great. Then I got light...
  3. Tried rejoining Holbrook Gun Club

    I was a member in good standing at Holbrook for a couple years. I cancelled my membership because I took on a work contract that would tie me up for a year+ and I wouldn't be able to make it to Holbrook. I figured I would just rejoin at the beginning of the next year. I couldn't see paying for...
  4. Trading a C&R gun question

    Trading a C&R gun for a non C&R gun. FA10 for both? I own the C&R gun. I assume I have to write in my C&R book/register. Thanks
  5. Mossberg Maverick 88 at Dicks

    I was at Dicks Sporting Goods in Natick today and saw that they had Mossberg 88's in stock for $219. Are these worth the price? GunsAmmo_UplandShotguns - Dick's Sporting Goods
  6. Question about club dues at Holbrook

  7. The call to ban kitchen knives in Britain

    Stabbings are increasing year to year in Britain. http://frontpagemag.com/2012/dgreenfield/british-doctors-call-for-ban-on-long-kitchen-knives-to-end-stabbings/
  8. Charity Road Race for injured Marine

    If you have some free time Sept 18th there is a run/walk for a good cause. Andres Burgos, 29, a Marine Veteran, served in Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Haiti, and Guantanamo Bay. He obtained the rank of Sergeant before being honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps in 2007. His...
  9. Range Question

    Today at my range while the outdoor range was "hot" a member walked down a couple stalls to me and asked me to open the "bolt" on my AR and keep it open. Ive never been asked this before while the range was hot. I just took the weapon out of its case and it was facing down range, safety on, and...
  10. Road rage today

    It started when I saw a young kid (maybe 17) pass a bunch of cars cutting them off. He couldnt squeeze by me because the road went from 2 lanes to one so he road my ass swerving back and forth. I did not box him in or cut him off or give him any kind of brake job. You could tell by his car that...
  11. Looking for 7.62x25 ammo

    Any shops have any in New England. I dont mind traveling to buy in bulk. The only 2 shops Ive seen with it want way too much, and this was for the mil surplus stuff. I dont mind the corrosive since that is the cheaper way to go and I clean my weapons. Thanks Tom
  12. Hidden Brownells $5 off credit coupon

    I found this $5 credit while looking for a bound book on Brownells. Its a $5 off coupon hidden in the books section on Brownells. http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=318/Product/BROWNELLS_CATALOG_CREDIT "Thanks for buying a Brownells catalog. To say thanks, here's $5 credit for you. Just...
  13. Found an old gun cleaning kit

    Not sure of the date but this cleaning kit was found in my parents basement. He believes this was left there by an uncle in the late 70's. The red plastic box is from an old tool set so it just is a storage device.
  14. Walmart Framingham No Ammo!

    I walked into Walmart Framingham today to find an empty ammo case. I drove up a block to Dicks Sporting Goods and was told by a clerk that Walmart in Framingham got busted for not ID'ing somebody.
  15. Chinese point of view about America and guns

    I saw this article and found the 370+ posts interesting to say the least. Some Chinese even respecting our 2nd Amendment. Hope this isnt a dupe http://www.chinasmack.com/2010/pictures/guns-in-america-wal-marts-chinese-netizen-reactions.html Ive been told this is a dupe!
  16. Glock 33 Question

    Does anybody have any experience with Glock 33? Im thinking about trading my Glock 23 for one but would like some opinions. I love my G23 but I wouldnt mind something smaller without losing stopping power. I know there is a the option of buying a .357 barrel for my G23, but the selling point to...
  17. C&R help

    There was a great thread or sticky for getting a C&R. Im searching but not finding it for some reason. Does anybody know the thread or threads? Thanks Tom
  18. Glock ND

    RichM posted this in a "Siderlock" thread that got locked and I thought it deserved its own thread. Its from Glock talk about a guy who ND into his foot. http://glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1298818
  19. Composite AK Mags question

    A friend in a free state wants to give me a poly Tapco 30rd AK mag. I looked it over and there is no date on it just Tapco USA, 7.62x39mm and cage code 3e2q7. Would this poly mag be illegal? What makes it illegal if it is? Ive searched this site but I dont think Im looking in the correct place...
  20. 11 year old field strip AR15 in 53 seconds

    Hope this isnt a dupe
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