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  1. MA "Prohibited Person" buys a full auto AR from a "Dealer" - actually a fed - but did he know?

    If you read the actual criminal complaint, there's absolutely no way you could come away with the impression that the accused here thought he was buying from a "dealer", except maybe the kind that deals illegal drugs. If you went to a Trump protest last year and noticed the contingent of real...
  2. Her name was Ashli Babbitt

    Your view of the SCOTUS is highly shaped by the high emotions around this election and increasing self-selection of people into echo chambers. The SCOTUS of "recently" is not the SCOTUS after Barrett. Now is probably the best time we've ever had, ever, to get good, smart, cases in front of them...
  3. Vaccine Poll

    Moderna employees, executives and board-members have made sure that they get to skip the line, because somehow board members that do minimal real work, all from home, are 'critical'. And also their family members, because, err, uhhh.... Fair or not, I think that speaks pretty loudly in terms of...
  4. The Sting Operation Will Put The Whole Democrats’ Ballot Fraud To An End

    This is QAnon shit. The fact that QAnon shit shows up literally everywhere now is a really bad sign for the future of conservatism.
  5. Tips for Flying with Firearms for the First Time

    I also fly out of Logan with long-guns a lot. It's not a big deal but does add some time to check-in, so plan for that. The only thing I'll suggest is that if it's a nice rifle, get a serious case. I've seen my rifle case dropped from height and thrown.
  6. Gun Owners of America Files Lawsuit Against Facebook and Kamala Harris for Suppression of 2A Truth

    Wasting money on frivolous lawsuits. I wonder if your $50 will go to sanctions.
  7. Called out for not wearing a mask

    No, it has not. These numbers are readily available and there's no reason to make shit up, or accept the shit that others make up. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/06/01/us/coronavirus-deaths-new-york-new-jersey.html As a reminder, many people here have pointed out that lockdown wasn't...
  8. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Fear isn't great, but I think my vote for "worst" is still the Advanced Respiratory Distress Syndrome.
  9. Called out for not wearing a mask

    The quote is clearly about other countries counting diabetics who die of COVID-19 as diabetes deaths. You can't wish away CDC excess death data, for like the zillionth time.
  10. No need for a HD weapon, the spirits will protect me

    Glyph of Warding is a 3rd level spell and can be set to do 5d8 damage on a failed save. That's better than most firearms.
  11. Called out for not wearing a mask

    I do not know how herd immunity works. Could you explain it to me? What percentage of the population needs to be infected to achieve it? How many more infections do we need to get there?
  12. IDPA, plates, practical. Do you know of any groups who run a hot range?

    I'm aware of severe gunshots over the years but sailing or horseback riding is like dozens of fatal accidents per year. Everything has risk. Shooting sports risk is low.
  13. IDPA, plates, practical. Do you know of any groups who run a hot range?

    It's worth mentioning, now that we've had a whole thread talking about how dangerous it is to have people racing with guns, that injury rates for shooting sports seem super low. Hot range, cold range, whatever; your local ice rink or horse farm has a ton more injuries.
  14. IDPA, plates, practical. Do you know of any groups who run a hot range?

    If we don't get mad that people on the internet like things we don't like (or don't like things we do like), what would we get mad about?
  15. Called out for not wearing a mask

    That number's going to go up with beds filled with COVID patients. It doesn't look like you got a lot of bites, but I'm into it. Masquerades coming back would be a great outcome of this whole unpleasantness.
  16. IDPA, plates, practical. Do you know of any groups who run a hot range?

    If you don't compete, because you're too switched-on to have an empty gun, how do you measure yourself and your skill? I'm f***ing awesome when there's nobody with a shot timer around.
  17. Ammo question: Glock 17, Glock 26, Glock 43, Ruger LC9s ... Best carry/self defense ammo ? Is there one that is best for all of em?

    Buy a modern, high quality JHP like the Federal HST, and shoot at least 1 box through it before carrying. Any of those will be fine. That way you don't have to ask the internet if there's too much recoil.
  18. IDPA, plates, practical. Do you know of any groups who run a hot range?

    It makes sense to really lean into safety rules when you're racing with guns, because the whole point of racing is to push yourself to your limits and occasionally beyond. When you're thinking about your race-plan, getting exactly the right angles, making the best movements, thinking about...
  19. Called out for not wearing a mask

    The AAPS is not a "real" medical organization. It's another "conservative" group that has decided masks are somehow a liberal plot. Their journal has published stuff like claims that HIV doesn't cause AIDS. The study they pretend has that conclusion actually found that cloth masks reduce...
  20. Best MA-compliant Government Frame 1911?

    I think you need to attach a new, unposted SVI picture once for every time you mention SVI in a 1911 thread.
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