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  1. My buddy Dave

    I haven't updated this lately, but here are some items of note: Dave is safe, and being cared for by his step dad and mother. Dave was granted the ability to leave the state with his parents, and has gone to Texas. Dave's wife was denied custodianship for a litany of reasons Dave's wife is...
  2. My buddy Dave

    Spoke to Dave tonight. He has been finally re-admitted into a neurological rehab. He thinks he's at a CG school. He doesn't remember that he was the OIC of station Portsmouth. I don't think he remembers his knockdown at Merrimack River or that he IS a surfman. He doesn't remember he is...
  3. My buddy Dave

    As far as I'm concerned, it's the other way around. I'm lucky to have a friend like Dave.
  4. My buddy Dave

    All right. Here we go: Dave's parents have medical custody/caretaker status, and I agree with their reasonings. Dave has medical needs that can't and will not be met if he stays in his house, in the environment he was in. Without getting into too many details, I don't believe that his wife...
  5. My buddy Dave

    More when I get to a keyboard. Dave sounds awesome, but has severe memory blanks. But the shit part is the family battle.
  6. My buddy Dave

    No. Shit just got weird tonight, and I am in contact with Dave and his step dad. Shit is f***ed. Bad. All I care about is Dave's well-being, and now I am getting the other side, and Holy shit. I'm driving out to see him. I feel as though I might have been manipulated, and I have a few...
  7. My buddy Dave

    Dave never updated his living will/beneficiary paperwork when he remarried.
  8. My buddy Dave

    An update from his wife, and it's not good. I'm at a loss here.
  9. My buddy Dave

    Spoke with Dave tonight. He still has a long way to go, and he calls his current wife by his ex wife's name, but he sounds so much better. However, there's a gap. I think he still believes he is in the CG....
  10. My buddy Dave

    Today from his wife:
  11. My buddy Dave

    I haven't heard from his wife in a while. I'll ping her today. The last update was he had been moved to rehab center.
  12. My buddy Dave

    Also, thank you everyone here on NES. As usual, the good vibes from this place is stellar!
  13. My buddy Dave

    New stuff from the wife. For context, Our "mess" raised money to fix Dave's truck for his wife to use, and had $550 left over that was sent directly to her, above the gofundme campaign. I run a "alumni" association for people that were stationed at Gloucester, and the network is pretty...
  14. My buddy Dave

    Last night's update from his wife. I'm going to try and give him a call on Saturday.
  15. My buddy Dave

    I was actually able to talk to Dave on the phone last night. After getting off the phone with him, my only thought was "Dave's not here man" He has a long road ahead of him. He did choose the Eagles over the Beatles though (for the 500th time - it's an ongoing argument between us - he thinks...
  16. My buddy Dave

    Not fishiness - gushiness. Lol
  17. My buddy Dave

    Yesterday's update. As a reminder, these are from his wife (hence the fishiness of it)
  18. My buddy Dave

  19. My buddy Dave

    As much as I hate doing this, and don't believe in monetizing tragedy, there is a go fund me for Dave. I have spoken with the organizer as well as Dave's wife, and it is on the up and up. https://gofund.me/118cb2ee
  20. My buddy Dave

    Update today:
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