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  1. New old member

    Been a long while since I was green. Paid membership through paypal.
  2. Classic Firearms is giving away a Barrett M82A1

    The current raffle is for the big .50 that everyone wants. https://wn.nr/A6rWBp
  3. AR-10 in 6.5 creedmoor.

    Well.... I did up a nice savage axis in 6.5 creedmoor. Nothing wild. Just a Boyd’s stock, and nice glass. I love the hunting rifle. It’s just right. That said, Dad really liked the creedmoor..... fast forward a couple of months, and the LGS had a set of stripped aero precision M5...
  4. Assembled myself. (AR involved)

    My LGS is usually good for spotting an odd part, and getting ideas. Plus that man is a genius! He opened a gun shop next to a nail salon. You know, so you can drop the old lady off for a manicure, and then go shopping. Anyway, I spotted a stripped 9mm upper. No hole for gas tube...
  5. Small 6.5mm

    Here I was browsing brownells sale section, looking for something small to get my cart up to the free shipping threshold. And low and behold, I find this...
  6. Polymer80 build

    Well, it started off somewhat innocently, my girlfriend had been talking about that robins egg blue Walther. And the LGS had a polymer80 compact frame in the color for $80. So I figured, that’s a no brainer. I’ll do a Glock 19 with a robins egg blue frame. After all, if she likes it, she’ll...
  7. Because Chicago is a model for the rest of the country.

    Dems propose national firearms licensing system 2 Ill Demonrats are proposing a national firearms licensing system. To include a national firearms records system. Rep Bobby Rush has pushed this before, but is stumping on the corpses of recently dead students.
  8. Did you folks see this yet?

    New Polymer Cased Ammunition Introduced by True Velocity - The Firearm Blog I know at least one person who works for this company. And what I'm told thus far is pretty impressive. You may have seen them during shot show at battlefield vegas.
  9. I'm green again! Woot!

    My friends here. You have known me for a long time. All of you were a source of great information when I found out I was moving to MA. And you weirdo's make me miss MA in a strange way. I escaped. First to MI, then to CA. And though it's spendy and the gun laws suck here, I don't mind...
  10. Gun Disassembly game

    It's been posted before. But I thought I'd bring it up again in it's own thread as things are new. The flash version of the game is here http://www.kongregate.com/games/vklimov/gun-disassembly There is an app for your droid and idevices. But the app leaves a lot to be desired. You...
  11. Hunting with a Mink

    Stumbled across this guy. Pretty cool. I'm sure it's not allowed here.
  12. cross section pictures of bullets

    Sabine Pearlman She claims they are all WWII, But some don't look all that old. Really wish there was more info about the pictures.
  13. WTS Batteries.

    For those of you trying to go off grid. I've got 8 Powerware SLA's for sale. We use these for full building UPS systems. They weigh 106 pounds each. And I'll toss in a low KW inverter for free, as I'm sick of seeing them in my garage. I'll post pics of em tomorrow, as it's dark. But these...
  14. Ed has some ammo for you folks.

    I just posted about this in the gun shops area, but seeing as how some people don't check there. I'll mention it here as well. Ed O'Leary just opened a shop here in East Bridgewater at 516 North Bedford street. I stopped in there on my way home yesterday, and picked up his last two boxes...
  15. On Target Training, Inc.

    Fairly new shop opened very near my house. Ed's a really nice guy. He's got some .223 and .308 as well as .38 and .40 on hand right now. I asked about getting some varget and he's got his ear to the ground for me. I've encouraged him to join up on the forum. And seeing as how we are...
  16. Hope this isn't a dupe. Obama uses more EO's

    Just ticked up on breaking news.com Obama uses executive power to move gun control agenda forward - The Hill Looks again like our fearless leader has run with the "I don't need congress theory"
  17. I'm long overdue for showing these....

    While on active duty, I ended up at the arms expo in Abu Dhabi. And I wandered around with my camera having as good a time as anyone that is a member would here. It's called IDEX, or idexuae. So, I'll leave you folks with some cool pictures to brighten your evenings. And...
  18. Petition to try Senator Feinsten for treason.

    Likely a dupe. If a dupe, mod's please delete. Noticed it over at her fanpage. Couldn't stop laughing. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/try-senator-dianne-feinstein-federal-court-treason-constitution/TVq4dXPg
  19. Green again

    Been away a while. Sorry folks. Work's been too much lately. I've been entrusted with a 4G card for my laptop.... So hopefully extended field work won't keep me away anymore.
  20. Who makes their own bullets by swaging?

    I've noticed quite a few threads about casting your bullets, and the articles are good. I'm just wondering if any of you folks do the swaging route? Makeing "free" projo's for the .223 out of spent .22lr seems like an intresting way to hide from the wife in the garage for a few hours. Any of...
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