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  1. WTS Romeo Zero red dot w/ shroud

    Up for sale is the Romeo Zero (with metal shroud)that came with my p365XL. Used for 1 year, has seen around 600 rounds, will throw in a brand new in package battery, comes with mounting screws. Lens has some light scratches, but does not affect the optic. FTF $130 (cash is king) trade ideas...
  2. WTB Found, please delete

    found please delete
  3. Sig P320 X-Carry Build

    I think they said they have plans for a 10mm
  4. WTS Sold please delete

    Sold please delete
  5. Aimpoint ACRO on Glock 26

    Parker Mountain Machining in NH just said yesterday they started milling slides for the holosun 509T. Can’t hurt to email and ask.
  6. KARMA 1 year membership winner chosen!

    Awesome! Thanks!
  7. Membership Karma


  9. New Acquisitions for February 2021

    same, but I wouldn’t say no to a Gucci glock if it fell in my lap.
  10. New Acquisitions for February 2021

    I’m a fan of all guns both hammer and striker, but the modularity in these 320s is something else.
  11. New Acquisitions for February 2021

    Buddy sold me his 320 with 8 mags (3 compact) and 3 extra grip modules
  12. New Acquisitions May 2020 - Firearms Only

    Been a while since I've been on here, but figured a good first post back would be about the p365xl I picked up over the weekend
  13. Kentucky Police Officer Mistakenly Shoots Himself

    probably sprinkled some "powdered sugar" on those donuts as well
  14. 16 Gauge?

    i have had good luck in the past at the dicks off of 290 in worcester and the dicks in dedham. haven't looked for it in a few years though.
  15. Defending against knife attacks

    haha scold him like you're disciplining a puppy that just pee'd on the floor when you were outside literally 2 minutes ago.
  16. Defending against knife attacks

    recently saw a photo of a LEO with super deep slices the length and width of his back because he decided to not shoot or taze a knife wielding suspect. Against someone with a knife, I am not taking any chances because "I think I can disarm them"
  17. M&P series.

    i also would like to know this info.
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