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  1. Recommend a good cellular game cam

    Want to buy a cell game cam for my wife for mother's day. Looking to spend $200. Alot of reviews say some are junk. Anyone use any in the $200 range that are decent? She's into using it around the yard not in remote areas.
  2. First trip to a gunsmith for a re assembly..... update......i had to fix it myself.

    Took my sons ruger 44 carbine down for full cleaning last night. That's not a user-friendly rifle to disassemble to get to the gas tube and bolt assembly. You tube is asweome.....unless of course you remove the wrong pin. 😂 I popped out the pin that the trigger pivots on instead of the pin...
  3. Need 44 magnum projos? Make your own 44 mag jacketed hollow points using spent 40 s and w cases.

    View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O90Qqj7L6F4
  4. New season of meateater released on netflix

    Season 9 part 2 came out on Netflix. Watched 3 episodes last night lol
  5. Mass 2020 harvest info. Record harvests.

    2020 was a record year for hunting in Massachusetts! • The 2020 spring turkey season brought a record harvest of 3,310 birds, and the fall turkey season's total of 256 was the highest in 20 years! • 325 black bears were taken in 2020, breaking the previous record high of 283 in 2016. • The...
  6. Ice fishing season...a little late but I finally got out.

    I know some guys have already been out for hard water season but the lakes in the Merrimac Valley took awhile before I trusted the ice. Got out yesterday on 7 inches on millvale in haverhill. My son headed back to college today so took half day off yesterday and went out for a few hours in the...
  7. Leg hold trap violation leads to charges including improper storage of a firearm

    Leg hold trap violation leafs to charges including improper storage of a firearm. View: https://www.facebook.com/613265148819226/posts/2373386626140394/
  8. Road rage incudent belmont ends in death

    Thank god he didn't shoot him and only used his car. 🙄 https://www.google.com/amp/s/whdh.com/news/da-man-struck-killed-by-car-during-alleged-road-rage-incident-in-belmont/amp/
  9. Going to pull bullets on some bad powder reloads....need advice.

    I have about 250 357 magnum rounds that are no good. Bad batch of powder.....confirmed.....don't need advice on how to try to get them to work......they are definitely junk. So....I'm gonna get a bullet pulling hammer thingamabob......because in this current primer situation I NEED those...
  10. Got a new hunter going!

    My brother. Been trying to get him into the woods with me for a couple of years but his job and personal situation didn't allow it to happen until this year. He got his hunter Ed done and was able to sit out for a deer two times with me and my son but of course no luck late in deer season...
  11. Percussion caps keep falling off tc renegade

    Took my brother on his first ever deer hunt today. Saw some but no shots....but that's another story. His renegade is new to him. I took him to the club a few times to get his marksmanship down and figure out what load was best. The gun was great.....except the nipple was "peened" a bit and...
  12. This is on my christmas list.

    I want one.
  13. Dropped deer off at butcher 2 weeks ago......not ready.....should I be worried?

    Title says it all. Its not a back garage butcher its a place that slaughters beef and pork and USDA products as well in a separate building. Guy that answered yesterday when I called said they are just busy but don't worry the meat will be fine the deer is in the cooler. I've dropped deer off...
  14. Nh deer harvest so far in 2020

    I was doing some research on deer harvest and found it interesting that nh does daily updates on the f and g website. They show the tally for current harvest vs this date in the season last year. So far in nh this is what it looks like 2019 up to this date 1,022 2020 so far 1321 So up 300...
  15. My first nh buck.

    As I've said before I've always been a deer drive hunter in mass. First season scouting. Missed an opportunity last weekend on a doe that walked 15 yards from me when I wasn't paying attention. Worked out for the better 141 pound 6 point today. The rut is on. This guy was stomping around in the...
  16. Anyone else?

  17. Wma hunting deer omg

    So headed out for an afternoon sit. Went to a wma. One truck parked in the lot when I arrived. Well......I'll pick a direction ans go.....there's a beaten path that I assume the other guy won't be on cuz well.....its the beaten path everyone uses.....figure ill take that in a bit then find the...
  18. Hunter...and muzzle loader were both cocked.

    From mass epo fb page. On Saturday, September 26, 2020, the last day of bear season, a Massachusetts Environmental Police Officer patrolling a wildlife management area in Western Massachusetts observed an individual emerge from the woods approximately two hours after legal shooting hours had...
  19. Locals playing games with no hunting signs.

    I've branched out a bit and started hunting some wma properties in Southern nh. Found an awesome spot for rabbit. My son and I bumped two cottontails in about 45 minutes just doing our own little "drives" to push them to each other. I missed on both 🤣. I was off my game a bit. Anyway back to...
  20. Hanks belts anyone use one?

    Looking for a better leather belt for CCW outside waist band holster. Anyone ever use one of these? Hanks belts. https://www.hanksbelts.com/pages/search-results-page
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