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  1. School me on binos

    I wonder if Steiner's sports "autofocus" system works after cataract surgery?
  2. Biden’s executive action

    OK, that is the wish list. What is in the orders now? PS. Except that no amendment is absolut.
  3. Biden’s executive action

    Did anyone review them ? Any idea what is exactly done?
  4. 9mm ...115 or 124?

    I went to 147 / 150 for USPSA game, then moved to 124.
  5. Active Shooter in CO, 10 Dead

    Or, maybe, they considered him an asset?
  6. Active Shooter in CO, 10 Dead

    At least at this time he is a deeply disturbed durka.
  7. Glock 30S vs 30SF

    Get G30S - short frame, slim slide. The pistol is not that small, it is almost G19 size. I found thinner slide of G30S more comfortable.
  8. First IDPA competition!

    Please, next time give me a hint...
  9. First IDPA competition!

    Just as IDPA will. They both are games.
  10. PCC people

    Precisely my reasons. Plus PCC is a bit cheaper to shoot even with factory ammo. Another reason for PCC could be to get some defense firearm when for cannot own a pistol.
  11. MA clubs that allow moving and shooting

    There are also Action Shooting practices during summer time.
  12. AOC: trump accountability project [TAP] : going full stalin.

    They are very serios about unification of thought. Progressivism requires unquestionable ideological monopoly to exist. Same as Socialism, Communism, whatever.
  13. AOC: trump accountability project [TAP] : going full stalin.

    I am afraid, progressives fascistisizing with light speed!
  14. Gun Ban

    This describes the situation now. I am cautiously optimistic.
  15. PCC

    It is United States Practical Shooting Association.
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